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Picture of VR headset Vrbox Virtual Reality 3D glasses 9 axis tracking Bluetooth Touchpad for 5-6 inch android phone

VR headset Vrbox Virtual Reality 3D glasses 9 axis tracking Bluetooth Touchpad for 5-6 inch android phone

SKU: FS996513
VR headset Vrbox Virtual Reality 3D glasses 9 axis tracking Bluetooth Touchpad for 5-6 inch android phone
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VR headset Vrbox Virtual Reality 3D glasses 9 axis tracking Bluetooth Touchpad for 5-6 inch android phone

High lights:

COP ProClass Lenses

AccurateOptical Train

High Precision Adjustment

Touchpad+Physical Return Button

Traditional Touch Gestures

Bluetooth® Controller Supported



refresh rate:60HZ

Can connected with the mobile phone by bluetooth 


Lens Material: COP professional optical lens material
Lens Diameter: 40mm
FOV: 96 °
Distortion rate: 26% edge distortion
Color: 0.39mm

Visual accommodation
Myopia adjustment: 0-800 °
IPD adaptive: 54-71mm

Battery Capacity: 205mAh
Work and Standby: supports 8 hours of continuous use , seven days standby

Touchpad and buttons:
1024x1280 high density and high sensitivity of the trackpad, millisecond response time
Back button, volume up and down keys, Bluetooth multifunction button / switch key / key incoming calls
200,000 times buttons life
Body material:
Body: High strength polycarbonate
Lace: TPU + Lai Kabu, the tensile strength of the strap through 5 kg / 5 seconds Test
Foam: skin-friendly foam material, anti-allergic and anti-sweat breathable. Double foam specially designed, more comfortable to wear.

Body Interface:
Micro-USB charging port, 500mA charging current
3.5 mm headphone jack
Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity
compatible with 5-6 inch Android mobile phone that with above 1K resolution. Phone thickness <9.5mm.
Phone hardware requires a gyroscope

Adapting mainstream Android flagship models:
Millet note standard 5.7 "1K (1920X1080)
Millet note Top with 5.7 "2K (2560X1440)
Millet MI4 5 "1K (1920X1080)
Millet red rice Note2 5.5 "1K (1920X1080)
Samsung S6 5.1 "2K (2560X1440)
Samsung Note4 5.7 "2K (2560X1440)
Meizu note 5.5 "1K (1920X1080)
Huawei Mate7 6 "1K (1920X1080)
Gamepad adapter:
Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless controller


Combining innovative image algorithms and cutting-edge optical solutions, image distortion on this VR is almost nonexistent.
This VR supports up to 800 degree sight adjustment, provides a 96 FOV, and has a wide range of visual settings. The VR truly is a sight to behold.

96° FOV

The human eye only provides a 30° FOV. The 40mm rounded lenses on this VR

cover every angle of your visual field, providing a full 96° FOV

COP Professional Lenses

The lenses are carefully crafted from acrylonitrile polymer, a material used in making profressional grade optical equipment.

Acrylonitrile lenses are stronger than typical resin lenses, lighter than glass, and provide a 92% light transmission rate.

Light, Thin, and Complete

The helmet is only 10.3 cm in depth and weighs only 300g. A thinner, lighter build

means a helmet so comfortable you may forget you are wearing it at all.

Reality and Beyond

Hardware is merely the first part of a good VR experience. It still needs image processing algorithms to maximize its potential

That's why we created the VR App. Using the VR App ,  the VR presents you with a world beyond reality.


We built a highly sensitive touchpad directly on the helmet.

Users can apply traditional touch gestures in the VR world providing simple and efficient interaction.


It has a 1024x1280 high density touchpad. It features 100ms fast wake in Power Saving Mode, high accuracy touch tracking

and low signal noise. You can use it just like a smartphone touchscreen.

Answer phone calls

Incoming call while watching a movie?
Just click the multi-function bluetooth button and answer it.
The game or movie will pause automatically,and you can use the VR 's built-in mic to take the call.

Peek Mode

You can turn on Peek Mode by clicking the multi-function Bluetooth button. It allows

you to use the camera on your phone to see outside the helmet


The body of the VR is the product of three years of reasearch and development. It weighs only 300g

but is built to last. Featuring a highly ergonomic design ,it is very comfortable

Adjustable strap  +Strong and light+Very Comfortable


It was designed to be both technologically and aesthetically impressive.

Smooth Layers

Sleek Contours

Hypoallergenic Foam


We drew inspiration from the natural beauty of the material itself, and created the smooth layers

and phenominal feel of the VR BOX. We want the appeal of our product to be both visual and tactile.

Bluit to Last

Polycarbonate body renders it very durable, It was subjected to rigorous testing against a wide range of possible damage factors including impact, high frequency vibration and change in temperature.


It has a T-shaped strap and a ring of hypoallergenic foam around the eyepiece

Both are removable, adjustable, and easy to use and replace.