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Looking for Global Suppliers

 Looking for Global Suppliers 

QUALITY is the life of the business.

Having more distributors, earning better price, more production experience and better quality

We have many Distributors all over the world,pls check the link:




3: 全程呵护:我司会配合供应商把每个订单做成功



Free registration    Global market    Win-win cooperation 

Your products + our sales and channels = Success

1.Register Company Information   2.Audit Supplier Qualification   3.Sign Supplier Cooperation Agreement   4.Submit Sample

Steps to get supplier products on-line :

1:Register by selecting Supplier

2. Get products on shelf for free, requiring complete information and no repetition.

3: Add products

4:Add products

5: Products added will be displayed in Auditing Information. We will audit product information within 3-7 working days. Please be patient and do not submit products repeatedly.

Q & A:

1: Our company is in UK, Germany, France ... Can we also become your supplier?

Yes, you can, as long as your supply conditions can meet our company's requirements.

2: Products uploaded, how do you make the payment for us?

Once order confirmed, we’ll pay for the supplier according to the order’s requirement.

3: What are your requirements about product quality?

Supplier must provide 2 year warranty for products.

4: Can suppliers upload products with their own brand logo?

Very sorry, FirstSing does not sell products with any supplier’s brand. FirstSing sell only distributors’ brands and help them to succeed.

5: What products can suppliers submit?

FirstSing’s website ce local laws.

 6: Suppliers need to providoncentrates all the product catalogs and suppliers can provide any product that does not violate spot goods?

No, all goods will be manufactured according to orders.