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How to Sell on FirstSing

I Want To Open A free Global Shop

Selling on FirstSing is exactly like selling on Ebay, but instead of paying commissions, annual fees, platform fees, you can open an online shop without paying any fees, that’s to say, for free ! Whether you're a home-based business, a big business, a small business, or just trying to sell some stuff you may have sitting around, here is a comprehensive guide to becoming a FirstSing distributor.


1. Create an account, submit qualification document, and pass through the qualification examination

Fill out online company information, create FirstSing distributor account. In registration process, you need to submit a business license copy or personal ID card copy in the form of electronic version.

Qualification examination will normally be completed within 5 working days after the submission of the document, and you will receive notification about the examination results from FirstSing.

2. Select products to be localised

FirstSing distributor background has thousands of products. Based on individual ability, through distributors platform, you can pick out the products that are suitable for local market to be localised, including product description language revision, prices localisation, services localisation.

3. Consumers buy products and pay to distributors

When your product information localisation is completed, your distributor information will be presented to local consumers through the products. Customers can browse, search and buy your products. Once order comes, you will receive mail notification from FirstSing. You can also check your order information through distributor platform.

Once order reveived, contact the customer and request that they pay you securely via PayPal or other payment methods.

4. Distributors pay to FirstSing

Once order comes from the consumer, you need purchase products related from FirstSing and pay to FirstSing. If you have the products in local stock, you can ship them directly to the consumer.

5. FirstSing ship goods to distributors

When order comes, FirstSing will concentrate immediately the production according to the distributor’s requirements and ship out timely the goods to the distributor. In accordance with the actual operation situation of orders in manufacturing plant, FirstSing sometimes can not finish orders with a quantity less than 1000PCS, and please distributors reserve the order as inventory.

6. Distributors ship goods to consumers

Once receive the goods, the distributor must distribute timely the goods to consumers in accordance with the shipping method required. And the distributor must also do well the after-sales service.

If time is money, you’re about to make more than you thought.