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Firstsing Gaming PC Headset Stereo 7.1 Channel USB wired Noise reduction headphone with Mic

Noise reduction function,designed for game users,to isclate extemal noise,game sound arcound your;Lightweight design,long time use and no serse of pressure,suitable for professiond gamers;Large siz...
PublishDate : 2019/04/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999021  
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Firstsing USB 3.0 Gaming Headset PC Gamer 7.1 Channel Sound headphones with Mic

Excellent sound quality: ultimate 7.1 surround sound effect with 7 colors LED light. Create an immersive 360° sound field and give you an unparalleled gaming experence
PublishDate : 2019/04/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999020  
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Firstsing Game headphone 7.1 Channel with Vibration Subwoofer Stereo Earphone with Mic for PC

Built-in 7.1 virtual channel digital decoding chip,combined with 50mm speaker,30mm vibration unit,sound output is stable,quickly identify the position,grasp the enemy's movements
PublishDate : 2019/04/16   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999017  
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Firstsing Eat Chicken Game Headset With Wheat Mobile Phone Computer Universal Music Karaoke headphones

Stereo Deep Bass & Clear Voice: Crisp and clear sound with a deep rich bass, our in-ear headphones bring you a great sound quality experience
PublishDate : 2019/04/16   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999016  
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Firstsing Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 PC Xbox One Controller Noise Cancelling Over Ear headphones with Mic LED Light

3.5mm connector, it is suitable for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, Samsung S5, S4, LG, Xiaomi, iPad, PC,PS4, laptop, tablet, etc
PublishDate : 2018/08/30   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998833  
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Firstsing Mini Capsule Dual Lightning Adapter Splitter headphone Audio and Charge Adapter Lightning Splitter for iPhone 7 8 Plus X

Lightning Adapter adopts unique capsule shape, Yellow black match,stylish and beautiful ,looks very cute.At the same times,unique 90° design Let you play games or watch movies without any influence...
PublishDate : 2018/08/23   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998826  
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Firstsing Wireless Bluetooth CSR8645 headphones Neckband Headset Magnetic In-Ear Sport Earphones with Mic Stereo Waterproof Anti-sweat Anti-Noise

Magnet attraction earbuds will be attracted together automatically when not in use so they stay around on your neck without falling down
PublishDate : 2018/06/26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998737  
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Firstsing Portable TWS headphones Wireless Bluetooth Double Earphones Sport Handfree With Charge Box for IOS Android

With built-in high-performance rechargeable battery, the Bluetooth headphone allow enjoyment of music for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and 80 hours of stand-by, only take 40 minutes to fully ...
PublishDate : 2018/06/14   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998720  
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Firstsing Portable TWS Wireless Bluetooth headphones Stereo Sport Earphones With Charge Box for IOS Android

Designed for Sport--Flexible Earhook & Sweatproof.Look great wearing bluetooth earbuds. Ergonomic design with flexible ear hooks and gel flex silicone earbuds ensure your headphones stay snug fatig...
PublishDate : 2018/06/14   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998719  
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Firstsing IPX6 Waterproof TWS Bluetooth Wireless Stereo headphones With Aluminum Alloy 360 Degree Revolving Charge Box for IOS Android

Equipped with ergonomics comfortable earhook,painless when you wear for long time,Running,fitness,drastic action and strenuous exercise never fall off,more at ease
PublishDate : 2018/06/13   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998718  
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Firstsing Portable Wireless Bluetooth headphones 4.1 Stereo Bass With Charge Box Earphone for IOS Android

Craft with ergonomic design,The Bluetooth earbuds can fit your ears quite well and providing long time comfortable wearing.They have multifunctional button to control power on/off, answer/hang up c...
PublishDate : 2018/05/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998692  
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Firstsing PC Gaming Headset Physical 7.1 Surround Sound USB Wired Computer headphones LED Lights with Microphone Volume Control for PC Laptop

The USB Gaming Headset Equipped with High Performance Audio provide great level sound,Digital 7.1 Channel Surround Sound,Noise canceling ,Retractable ,flexible and microphone can pick up the sound ...
PublishDate : 2018/03/27   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998595  
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Firstsing Mini Twins Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear headphone Stereo Earphone Handsfree for IOS Android

Bluetooth V4.1,Binaural headphone, can be used in dual and single
PublishDate : 2017/11/20   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998449  
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Firstsing Mini Twins wireless stereo headphones bluetooth CSR 4.2 headset for IOS Android

The diameter of only 18.5mm, the world's most mini. (RMB 10 Fen coin diameter is 18.5mm)
PublishDate : 2017/11/14   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998447  
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Firstsing Earbuds In Ear headphones Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Light Weight Headset

The headphones combine a high-quality listening experience with portability and lightweight comfort for the Hi-Fi fanciers
PublishDate : 2017/10/24   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998429  
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Firstsing Dual Dynamaic Drive Earphones HiFi Super Bass In Ear headphone with Microphone Volume Noise Cancelling

Increased comfort when wearing means that you can enjoy favorite music tracks without extraneous noise
PublishDate : 2017/10/24   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998428  
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Firstsing 2in1 Lightning to 3.5mm Audio headphone Adapter Charger Cable for iPhone 7 7Plus

With the new iPhone coming, you will no longer have access to an audio jack for your audio experiences
PublishDate : 2017/10/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998422  
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Firstsing Bluetooth Music Soft Knit Hat Wireless Smart Cap Headset headphone Speaker Mic

Built-in microphone let you pick up calls directly. Hands free talking, Perfect for outdoor sports like walking, jogging, running, skiing, etc. Combined with excellent sound quality stereo speakers
PublishDate : 2017/09/05   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998394  
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Firstsing Bluetooth stereo headset Wireless handsfree CVC noise reduction headphones

Smart noise cancellation processing technology-Using the sixth bit 96KHz sampling frequency,give you a pure tone of voice.Eliminating all interference of background noise
PublishDate : 2017/07/18   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998281  
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Firstsing Business Smart Wireless Fast Charging Bluetooth 4.1 headphone CVC noise reduction Earphone for IOS Android

Wireless charging,easy use-adopt wireless inductive charging,no metal contact,put down to charge,convenient and safe
PublishDate : 2017/07/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998278  
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Firstsing Sports Bluetooth headphones IPX4 Waterproof Noise Canceling Wireless Earphone With Mic for IOS Android

CVC noise cancelling, crazy music enjoying
PublishDate : 2017/07/11   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998256  
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Firstsing USB Type-c 3.1 to 3.5mm Audio headphone Stereo Adapter Connector Phone Adapter Cable Cord for Macbook

Reversible Design helps you plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation
PublishDate : 2017/05/06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998039  
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Firstsing Bluetooth headphones Stereo Wireless Earphones IPX5 Waterproof headphones In-Ear Heart Rate Sport Earbuds

Comfortable in-ear design:Snug and secure, make sure the headset stay put and your music stays smooth when you are running, cycling, exercising and doing other activities
PublishDate : 2017/05/05   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998035  
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Firstsing USB Type-c Earbud Noise Isolating Earphone CDLA HiFi Stereo In Ear Monitor headphones

HiFi Stereo Noise Reduction:Full digital lossless audio, Hi-Fi level CDLA standard and digital architecture, from the processor to the headphone jack ensure 96K / 24bit transmission, Dynamic noise ...
PublishDate : 2017/05/05   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998034  
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Firstsing Intelligent Smart Bluetooth Sports headphone Headset Earphone IPX7 Waterproof Earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 Handfree Calls Music Stereo Eardbuds Wireless Headsets

APT-X HIGH-FIDELITY BLUETOOTH LOSSLESS SOUND QUALITY is used in professional audio and broadcasting fields, intelligent filter ambient noise,make it more clear in calling and music, accurately rest...
PublishDate : 2017/05/03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998023  
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Firstsing Half In Ear Wireless Bluetooth4.1 Stero Sport headphone wireless Earphones Waterproof IPX4 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth headphone HIFI quality voice Headsets

Special designed shape earphoner,anti-shedding design for sport Half in ear structure design, music and comfort with you.
PublishDate : 2017/04/29   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998020  
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Firstsing Bluetooth headphones TWS Wireless Stereo Earbuds With Charging Case Support Touch To Play Waterproof And Noise Cancelling Headset for IOS Android

Built in 50mAh battery of each earbud, up to 2.5 hours playing time, portable 450mAh charging case supports recharging easily anywhere and everywhere, never worry about a dying battery again
PublishDate : 2017/04/15   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997983  
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Firstsing Bluetooth headphones Mini Wireless Earphones Touch Stereo Headset

Supports both Touch and Push-Button operations. Unlike most in-ear headsets which support push-button operation only. Our touch-operation eliminates the discomfort to your ear while applying pressu...
PublishDate : 2017/04/15   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997982  
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Firstsing Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earphone with LED Light headphone

It is great to be able to exercise, run, clean the house, or vacuum the car while listening to music and without the bother of wires. This headset is made to give you the comfort you need to li...
PublishDate : 2017/04/15   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997978  
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Bluetooth Wireless Noise reduction Stereo Earphone Super Bass Sound Sport headphone

True Wireless Stereo,Call report,Line control,Redial,Intelligent one-driving-two
PublishDate : 2017/03/01   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997820  
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