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BlueNEXT Dual Ports PD QC3.0 Car Charger Type-c Fast Charger 38W Compatible FCP AFC

Compatible: BC1.2, for apple 20W, QC3.0, QC2.0, FCP, AFC
PublishDate : 2021/11/18   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101580  
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BlueNEXT Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket Type-c Charging Dual USB PD18W

Car Cigarette Lighter includes a LED display for automatically monito your car battery once the vehicle power center is on
PublishDate : 2021/11/18   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101579  
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BlueNEXT 60W Dual USB-C Fast Car Charger Type-c Cigarette lighter

Type-C Port PPS Super fast charge,Compatible PD20W/25W
PublishDate : 2021/11/06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101471  
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HobbyTech Universal Power Adapter Plug with 2 USB Ports Travel Supply Type-c

Switch plugs easily with a simple press and push of the plug lock
PublishDate : 2021/10/22   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101339  
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10000mah Magnetic Wireless Power Bank Type-c Fast Charging

45 degree support: easily turn on support and watch your favorite podcasts, movies or sports events with longer battery life
PublishDate : 2021/07/19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100994  
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60W 3 Port Digital Display QC4.0 Type-c PD Car Fast Charger

The is a universal car charger equipped with two USB-A and USB-C ports supporting QC4.0, PD3.0 18W technology, FCP, which are used to power and charge mobile devices
PublishDate : 2021/07/16   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100975  
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Quick Charger GaN USB-C 45W with Type-c Charging Cable

Quick Charger C+C 45W With Mini Cable Type-C to Type-C 60W
PublishDate : 2021/06/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100781  
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Type-c Network Card Converter Type-c to RJ45 Network Port Adapter for Nintendo Switch Mobile Phone Computer PD3.0 Charging

Widely compatible with Type-c mobile phones/computers/and other mobile devices, efficient data transmission, bid farewell to the slow speed of Ca ton
PublishDate : 2021/04/14   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100536  
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Charging Stand for PS5 USB Type-c Controller

Strong bi-color LED indicator showing the charging status. Red light - charging. Blue light - charged
PublishDate : 2020/12/29   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100434  
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USB to Type-c Cable for PC PS4 PS5

It is equipped with an intelligent management chip that adjusts the voltage to the device
PublishDate : 2020/12/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100432  
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5 in 1 Multi-functional Type-c HUB High Speed USB Por Hub Type C Hub Adapter

3 USB3.0 expansion HUB ports, standard USB3.0 transmission, backward compatible with USB2.0, support up to 5Gbps data transmission rate.
PublishDate : 2020/12/23   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100293  
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Fast Charger Set Dual Port Charging Block With Type-c To Lightning Port Cord

Support for fast charging technology. Compact gadget equipped with two ports: USB-C PD and USB
PublishDate : 2020/12/03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999720  
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Multifunctional 6in1 hub with a unique design - the housing has been profiled in such a way that the device fits the shape of the iPad Pro 2020/2018. Designed not only for laptops, but also for sma...
PublishDate : 2020/11/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999675  
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Travel USB-C power adapter with Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-c A 6A 33 W

Charge your mobile device extremely quickly: More and more smartphones support the Quick Charge function - e.g. iPhone 12,Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC One A9 and many more This allows you to charg...
PublishDate : 2020/11/07   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999639  
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USB Type-c Power Delivery PD Wall Charger 45W for MacBook Pro Firstsing

The TYPE C connection is the new USB standard
PublishDate : 2020/02/20   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999259  
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3 in 1 OTG Type-c USB 3.1 Card Reader Multi Memory Cardreader Micro Combo to 2 Slot TF SD for Smartphone Windows Firstsing

OTG Support System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS 10
PublishDate : 2020/01/04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999248  
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USB Connector Type-c 24P DX07B024XJ1R1300 Firstsing

USB -C (Type -C) USB 3.1 (USB 3.1 Gen 2, Superspeed+) Receptacle Connector 24 Position Board Edge,Cutout
PublishDate : 2020/01/03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999246  
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Firstsing Type-c Charging Dock Portable Bracket for Nintendo Switch

Play while charging enjoy the happiness
PublishDate : 2019/09/04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999154  
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Firstsing Type-c Port Charger Dock Station Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite

You can take it to anywhere and leave the dock at home.Fit for Nintendo Switch Lite perfectly
PublishDate : 2019/08/08   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999126  
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Firstsing Type-c Qi Wireless Charger Fast Charging For iPhone 8 Smartphone And Samsung Galaxy S10

This Qi Wireless Charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled mobile phones.You will no longer need any cords to plug in and out, just place a device on the pad and you are free to enjoy your wireless...
PublishDate : 2019/05/04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS999047  
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Firstsing Portable TV Converter Charging Dock For Nintendo Switch Cooler Stand Type-c HDMI USB3.0 USB2.0

Easy convertion: The switch button allows you to switch between TV mode and tablet mode
PublishDate : 2018/09/06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998857  
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Firstsing 65W Universal Multi-range USB Type-c Power Adapter Quick Charge 3.1 for Type-c Laptops

65W universal Multi-range Power Adapter fit for virtually each USB Type-c devices
PublishDate : 2018/08/29   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998831  
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Firstsing Type-c USB-C Laptop Charging Cable for Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Type-C Laptop Charging Cable for Surface laptop Book 2, Replace for Microsoft 5A 12.5-15V Charger
PublishDate : 2018/07/19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998762  
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Firstsing Type-c USB-C Laptop Charging Cable for Microsoft Surface Book 3

The Type-C Laptop Charging Cable for Surface laptop Book 3, Replace for Microsoft 5A 12.5-15V Charger
PublishDate : 2018/07/19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998761  
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Firstsing Type-c USB-C to MagSafe 2 charger T-Tip cable Power Cord for Apple Macbook Pro

You can use this cable Connect your 60W and 85W Magsafe 2 power adapter for the New Macbook Pro
PublishDate : 2018/07/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998760  
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Firstsing Type-c USB-C to MagSafe charger L-Tip cable Fast Charger Power Cord for Apple Macbook Pro

Can be used with 60W-85W Magsafe Power Adapter
PublishDate : 2018/07/13   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998754  
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Firstsing 26800mah 60W USB-C PD Portable Charger Power Bank with Type-c

Ultra-high Capacity :Up to 26,800 mAh capacity adds several times the extra battery life to most USB-powered devices
PublishDate : 2018/05/11   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998671  
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Firstsing Type-c Power Bank Power 10000mAh Portable Charger Laptop MacBook

If you use a MacBook and like to travel, you won't need to bring the standard Apple charger anymore. This means that clunky chargers can stay at home, while you bring the Power Portable Charger wit...
PublishDate : 2017/10/24   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998432  
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Firstsing Smart HD Mini DLP Projector LED Home Theater Auto Focus HDMI Wireless Wifi Type-c

Support 1080p HD: the native resolution is 1280*720, support 1080p, picture is clearer, ensure each image details
PublishDate : 2017/08/21   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998386  
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Firstsing HD LED DLP Portable Home Theater Projector 1080P HDMI H.264 Video Type-c

With 100 lumens brightness & 854*480 Native resolution (1080p supported), our DLP Projector delivers brighter and clearer images and gives you the best visual enjoyment
PublishDate : 2017/08/21   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998384  
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