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Image de FirstSing  IPOD060 Wireless FM Transmitters with LCD Screen

FirstSing IPOD060 Wireless FM Transmitters with LCD Screen

Agents: Alphatech
FirstSing products are selling to more than 200 countries in the world, and has the top market wholesalers in Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, India and many other countries. The following are the authenticated Firstsing wholesalers, which can use the Firstsing website product photos and descriptions to show, promote and sell.
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*This device can set up the digital plays, car or home audio systems wireless link quickly and easily
\r\n*It only needs to connect the FM transmitter to your MP3 player, portable DVD, PDA, MD, CD, MP4, cassette player, PC, laptop
\r\n*High fidelity stereo effect: this device can modulate the audio frequency signal to FM signal (87.5-108.0MHz)
\r\n*With the stereo tune you can enjoy listening high quality music anywhere
\r\n*LCD display for easier control. Full frequency range design can effectively avoid interruption
\r\n    Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
\r\n    Stereo separation: more than 50dB
\r\n    Operating current: 50mA
\r\n    Transmission frequency deviation: <0.01M
\r\n    Transmission range: 87.5 MHz -108.0MHz (interval 0.1MHz)
\r\n    Frequency stability range: 10PPM
\r\n    Signal-to-Noise ratio: more than 68dB