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Image de FirstSing FS32005 Car Charger W/cord for Blackberry Torch 9800 Bold 9700

FirstSing FS32005 Car Charger W/cord for Blackberry Torch 9800 Bold 9700

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FirstSing FS32005 Car Charger W/cord for Blackberry Torch 9800 Bold 9700

BlackBerry: Bold 9700 / Onyx \ Storm2 9520 / 9550 / Oden \ Curve 8900 \ Pearl Flip 8220, 8230 \ Storm 9500 Thunder, 9530 Thunder \ Tour 9630 Niagara
HTC: Google Nexus One
LG: BL40 New Chocolate, GM750, GT500 Puccini, GT505, GW520
Motorola: A855 / Tao / Sholes / Droid
Palm: Pixi Plus, Pre Plus, PRE \ Treo 800W, PRO 850

In addition to the phone models listed in title, this Cell Phone Travel Wall charger is also compatible with the following phones 

Amazon: Kindle 2
BlackBerry: Curve 8520, 8900
Pearl Flip 8230
Storm 9500 Thunder
Tour 9630 Niagara
Kyocera: E2000 Tempo, S4000 Mako
LG: AX300, AX830 Glimmer, LX400, UX300, UX830, VX8610 Decoy, VX9100 enV2, AX155, AX265 Banter, AX585 Rhythm, CT810 Incite, GR500 Xenon, LG830 Spyder, LX265 Rumor2, LX370, LX600 Lotus, UX265, UX585, VX11000 EnV Touch, VX5500, VX8360, VX8560 Chocolate 3, Chocolate Touch AX875 VX875, VX9200 enV3, VX9600 Versa, VX9700 Dare

A455 Rush 2 / Rival, H800, QA1 Karma
IDEN Series i9 Stature
Clutch i465
Q Series Q Global, Q9h, Q9m
QA Series Evoke QA4
RAZR2 V8, V9
V Series Adventure V750, Rapture VU30, Renegade V950
Z Series Krave ZN4, Z6c, Z9, Zine ZN5
Droid A855, Cliq

Nextel i576, i776
Nokia: 6210 Navigator, N96, 5310 XpressMusic, 5610 XpressMusic, 6500 classic, 6500 slide, 6555, 7900 Prism, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte, N81, N81 8GB, N810 Internet Table, N82, 5220 XpressMusic, 5320 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6205, 7205 Intrigue, 7310 Supernova, 8800 Carbon Arte, BH-803, N79, N97
Palm: Treo 800W, PRO 850, Palm Pre
Samsung: S8300 UltraTOUCH, SGH-G810, SPH-M220, SPH-M320, SPH-M540 Rant, SPH-M630 Highnote, Samsung Mythic A897, Flight A797,RANT M630 HIGHNOTE M320 M220 M550 M560 R470 INSTINCT HD MESSAGER 2 R560 M330 FREEFORM R350 M240 INTREPID i350 Moment i220 Flight Mythic
Sanyo: S1, Katana Eclipse, Katana LX SCP-3800, Pro-200, Pro-700