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Image de FirstSing FS09226 Spiderpodium Stand for iPhone, iPod, Cellphone, & More

FirstSing FS09226 Spiderpodium Stand for iPhone, iPod, Cellphone, & More

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FirstSing FS09226 Spiderpodium Stand for iPhone, iPod, Cellphone, & More
Here’s a very interesting gadget for you to use to hold your other gadgets. The  Spiderpodium might seem a bit creepy crawly at first glance but it’s built for purpose not paranoia. The FirstSing will let you use its arms to hug your favorite gadget and position it in a way that keeps your hands off. Works nicely with your iPod but will also do justice holding up your book so you can read hands-free.


iPhone, iPod, Cellphone, & Much
Car & Travel — Use as a vent holder or hang on the back of the seat in front of you
Home & Office — Hands free viewing on any desk or counter top
Leisure & Outdoors — Wrap around bike handlebars, backpack, or baby stroller
8 Legs are better than 3! Use as a steady tripod (or octopod)

What a clever little product the Spiderpodium is. It’s the travel dock by FirstSing that you can take anywhere, and shape it to whatever you like to make it work for you. With the smart design, you can have the Spiderpodium display your phone or handheld in almost any way possible. You can dock it anywhere, from desks, to TVs, to cars, the sky’s the limit. Just check out these images to get an idea of what you can do with it.

Here’s the Spiderpodium just chillin’ by itself.

Watch your favorite video in video landscape mode by laying it horizontally while having parts of the leg wrap around.

Hang it off a TV if you want.

You do not want to mess with the Spiderpodium.

You can even dock your video game controllers.

The thing I hate about the PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 is having to buy another item to have the sensors/camera be displayed on top of a skinny LCD TV. With the Spiderpodium, you won’t have to worry about purchasing extra accessories.

You can even use it as a watch!