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Изображение Portable Personal GPS Tracker SOS without blind spots for PET dog cat

Portable Personal GPS Tracker SOS without blind spots for PET dog cat

Артикул: FS997366
This is a portable pet gps tracker. Based on existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.
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Portable Personal GPS Tracker SOS without blind spots for PET dog cat

This is a designed for the elderly, special populations (senile dementia patients, Down's syndrome) design, the use of multiple indoor positioning technology, indoor or basement and other environments are able to locate, no blind area. At the same time, equipped with a large capacity battery, battery life is strong, compact shape, can be concealed wear and SOS a key call for help.

Product advantage
Small size, appearance and generous
Ultra long battery life, 1200mAh spare lithium battery
One-way pick up function
Concealed wear
SOS alarm
CE/FCC certification
major function
Real time positioning
Timing location
SOS alarm
Electronic fence alarm
Low power alarm
Historical path query
Support SMS setting network parameters
Product general information
Size: 63*40*17mm
Weight: 48g
Built in battery (mAh): 1200
Standby time: 140h (location frequency: 10min/ point)
Work environment: the work / storage temperature: -10 ~ 55 C storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 C relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% (not frost)
GSM characteristics
Band four frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Multi-slot class GPRS:GPRS 12
Mobile station class B GPRS
Sensitivity:-107dB Receiver
GPS characteristics
GPS module: a new electric GT-1010-MT
Sensitivity: tracking sensitivity: -165dBm capture sensitivity: -148dBm
Start time: cold start: <30s hot start: <2s
Positioning accuracy: <10m
Interface information
USB interface: for charging, upgrading Firmware
Open / close device
SOS button: emergency provides SOS alarm
Micro SIM mount: install the SIM card