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Image de battery pack for charging with 1PC of xbox one controller

battery pack for charging with 1PC of xbox one controller

SKU: FS997019
battery pack for charging with 1PC of xbox one controller
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battery pack for charging with 1PC of xbox one controller

Battery Pack for XBOX one (1200mAh)


Input Voltage:DC 5V

Output Voltage:DC 2.4V

Battery Capacity:1200mAh

Material: ABS


Function and Features:

l Designed it for XBOX one controller to charge

l Adopt standard DC 5V input voltage,easily to obtain power from XBOX series console, PC or other 5V power adapter.

l Without specifically using the XBOX console accessories and dedicated power.

l With 1pc 80cm charging cable and 1pc rechargeable battery


1. Direct to charge the battery pack:

1.1 Put the USB cable connected the device with standard DC5V output USB or the interface of transformer

1.2 Put the interface of USB cable connected the interface of batteries for charged.

1.3The power indicator will light steadily during charging. Accordingremaining power of the battery, normal charging time is about 2-6H.

1.4 The power indicator is single blue light and will light steadily during charging. It is no change to show the full charge state and the normal full charging timeis about 4H.

1.5 Please disconnected power supply with battery when it is fully charged and the power indicator will turns off.

1.6 You can use above charge methods to charge when the battery has been installed on XBOXone controller or not installed on XBOXone controller. The player can operate games when it is charging andinstalled on XBOXone controller.