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Picture of  for ACER  3UR18650F-3-QC262 3UR18650Y-2-QC261 BATEFL50L6C40 BATEFL50L6C48 BATEFL50L9 Laptop Battery

for ACER 3UR18650F-3-QC262 3UR18650Y-2-QC261 BATEFL50L6C40 BATEFL50L6C48 BATEFL50L9 Laptop Battery

SKU: FS994713
Advantages:anti-jamming performance, high reliability; DC ripple, high efficiency; low temperature, long life;
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      VOLTAGE:11.1V             CAPACITY:4400MAH             COLOUR:BLACK   DIMENSION:202.7*48.52*23.60MM           WEIGHT:296.5G                                                                                    

Compatible Battery Model:3UR18650F-3-QC-ZR1, 3UR18650Y-2-QC261, BATEFL50L6C40, BATEFL50L6C48, BT.00403.012, BT.00404.011, BT.00405.008, BT.00603.006,, BT.00603.010, BT.00603.025, BT.00603.030, BT.00604.001, BT.00604.004, BT.00604.012, BT.00903.007, LC.BTP00.001, LC.BTP00.002, LC.BTP01.006, LIP6220QUPC, LIP6220QUPC SY6, Q20168

Compatible notebook model:3200,Aspire 3600,Aspire 3680,Aspire 5030,Aspire 5050,Aspire 5500,Aspire 5550,Aspire 5570,Aspire 5580,Extensa 2400,Extensa 2480,TravelMate 2400,TravelMate 2480,TravelMate 3210,TravelMate 3220,TravelMate 3230,TravelMate 3260,TravelMate 3270,TravelMate 4310

Advantages:                                                                                                                                                                       1anti-jamming performance, high reliability;                                                                                                                         2 DC ripple, high efficiency;                                                                                                                                                   3 low temperature, long life; 

4 small size, high power density;
5 good insulation properties, dielectric strength;
6 full load high temperature burn-in and 100% aging test;

7the output power of the foot, high output voltage accuracy, low output voltage ripple;
8 the original standard design, 100% compatible with original power;
9 has short circuit / overload / over voltage protection