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Picture of For 3DS LL  LCD Protective Film [Light Blue 62% cut type]

For 3DS LL LCD Protective Film [Light Blue 62% cut type]

SKU: FS983984
For 3DS LL LCD Protective Film [Light Blue 62% cut type]
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Product Description

Product introduction

And characteristics on the surface of the film (* Blue Light reduction process looks yellowish thin special coating to 3DSLL for LCD protective film! Surface by reducing cause and eyestrain the "blue light", to protect the precious eyes. You can be subjected to), to relieve the burden on the first cut about 62%, up to about an average of 30% blue light contained in the light the backlight of the game machine LCD screen emitted.

· This is due to the "hardness pencil scratch test" to be used as a method of evaluating the hardness 3H * (surface hardness to protect firm LCD screen from scratches and dirt, that is not damaged even scratched the film surface with a pencil of 3H hardness Represents. adopted a hard coat film.) is the hardness of greater than the hardness of 2H protection film general, and well protected LCD screen from scratches and dirt.

· I use the silicon of high quality material on the adhesive surface. Bubble is hard to be at the time of paste, can be re-stuck many times.

· I adopt the PET material of high transparency. Total light transmittance of the film to ensure the 91%, you can enjoy clear images.

Useful antibacterial cleaning cloth with the care of the body and LCD screen