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Picture of FS09259 Bluetooth Anti-radiation Retro Phone Handset Landline charging dock iPhone 4 4s

FS09259 Bluetooth Anti-radiation Retro Phone Handset Landline charging dock iPhone 4 4s

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FS09259 Bluetooth Anti-radiation Retro Phone Handset Landline charging dock iPhone 4 4s
* Bluetooth Specification v2.1+EDR class 2,
* Supports Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree Profile(HFP 1.5)
* Supports A2DP1.2 and AVRCP1.0 profiles ,
* RF Frequency Range: 2.402-2.480GHZ, 2.4G ISM band
* Radio Performance: Receive Sensitivity of -90dBm,TX Power Max 4dBm
* Speaker output power:
* 19 Button design: 0-9 Keypad, MFB,Answer Key, Volume Button
* LED Indicator Status: LED indicator light for keypad
* Rechargeable 300mAh Li-Polymer Battery
* Mini 5 Pin USB Plug charging Port
* Charger adapter Output: DC 5V&200mA
* Nominal charging time:MAX 3 hours
* Talk time: Up to 10 hours
* Standby time: Up to 200 hours
* Dimensions (main body): 220 (L) x 70 (W) mm
* Weight: 570g
*Operating Temperature: -10 °C~50°C
*Storage Temperature: -20 °C~80°C
Retro Bluetooth handset is a young and trendy fashion designed technology products, which set aside the traditional Bluetooth headset can only be hung on the ear, or caught in the collar, its unique design to become fashionable in the use of The family could not get the necessary decorations to phone when you simply lift the handset and push the button, can easily make a call, highlight the fashion another you are different.
The same time, the retro Bluetooth handset radiation value is only a few tenth of the phone, and can almost be ignored regardless of belonging to the Radiation Inspection-free Product, large can be assured that the use of a green phone manner, have been quite popular in Europe and the United States!
Technical parameters Bluetooth version: V2.2 is backward compatible with V1.2 and V1.1 standards Compatible with: HTC NOKIA SONY SAMSUNG iPad iphone4S/4G/3G/3GS and suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled phone (Note: The various models of compatibility!) Bluetooth range: 10 meters Working voltage: DC 5V 200mA-500mA Talk time: 8 hours of continuous talk time Standby time: 120 hours standby time. 
Charging time: the first charge time 10 hours 
Bluetooth match: 1, first of all, read the manual of your phone, and follow the instructions to set up the search for Bluetooth devices.
2.Bluetooth earpiece turned off, press and hold your Bluetooth handset call, hang up button for about 6 seconds until the red blue lights flash alternately.
3, this time on the phone to search out new Bluetooth device. If your phone is not found a new Bluetooth device within one minute, set the Bluetooth handset is powered off hold down the call, hang up button for 6 seconds until the red blue lights flash alternately, so that the mobile phone to search again. 
4, when your phone search to a Bluetooth handset on the phone to see the new equipment of the KK-T09, this time through your mobile phone to confirm the connection.
5, and now your phone will prompt you to enter a password, the password is "0000"Only need to first pair your phone with your Bluetooth handset.Paired Bluetooth handset need to use in the boot, it will automatically connect your phone, your phone is Bluetooth enabled and is set to "connect". 

Anti-lost feature: If your Bluetooth handset to leave your phone's Bluetooth signal range, it will be issued twice a beep - beep warning tone every fifteen seconds, when the Bluetooth signal amplitude within the phone back, it will automatically re-connect the phone, a warning tone will stop.IPHONE charging: the IPHONE placed in the IPHONE charging port on the base of KK-T09. IPHONE can be turned on or off state of charge, until the charge to full power status.Operation:
1, the boot: hold down the call, hang up button for about 4 seconds until the blue lights flashing after the release.
2, Shutdown: Press and hold the call, hang up button until the blue light goes out after a long bright once. 
3, standby mode: blue light will flash intermittently. 
4.When your phone receives a call, mini handset will beep - beep sound, you can just press the call, hang up button call.
5, after the end of the call, you only need to press the call, hang up button to hang up.
6, fast double-click the call, hang up button twice, you can automatically dial the phone last dialed calls 
7, the volume control: Use the volume buttons / - to adjust the volume size.

Package includes:
1X Bluetooth Anti-radiation Retro Phone Handset Landline charging dock