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MOD-CHIP.COM is an International Business Company committed to providing a service-driven, stress-free approach to satisfying the video game, computer and electronics lover in all of us. MOD-CHIP.COM provides cutting-edge technologies, superior service and incredible product selection.

MOD-CHIP.COM was created in 1998 by and for video gamers. Considerable growth and development since has brought MOD-CHIP.COM to where it is today. Since 1998, MOD-CHIP.COM has experienced massive internal growth matched with sales teams and purchasers spread worldwide. The goal of the whole MOD-CHIP.COM is to offer users the most useful and informative gaming and computer site available anywhere on the Internet. MOD-CHIP.COM only provides services and sells products that have sustained rigorous testing as well as extensive research and development. We strive to display our professionalism and expertise, and we’re sure that you’ll agree this is the prevailing theme throughout the MOD-CHIP.COM website.

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