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Zeeva International limited is a privately held flexible consumer-electronics manufacturer with a clientele network spread across North America,South America, Europe, and South Africa.

With our superior industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise and over 25 years of experience we are able to service our clients efficiently and effectively, whereby we manufacture great products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.Our Clients hold significantly successful electronic brands in their respective local markets and this is partially attributed to our ability to provide the absolute best in consumer electronics.

As a competitive growth oriented manufacturer, we constantly strive to better our operations through various elements of product design, packaging art, technological innovations and manufacturing efficiency so as to better serve our clientele that expect only the best from Zeeva. Beyond producing competitive products for our clientele, we consider it just as important to strive towards providing superior customer service to our network. Our English speaking sales team makes a strong effort in understanding our clients businesses in their local regions, understanding the entire supply chain, from factory floor to retail store, as well as monitoring the latest trends in consumer electronics.

Here at Zeeva International Limited we clearly exude an incredible level of passion for performing our operations efficiently and effectively as we strive to grow as a professional consumer electronics manufacturer.

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