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6 Ideas, Inc. was formed in 2002. It was designed to bring products to the marketplace.We bring innovative and useful ideas to the market place. The first 6 Ideas product was designed by a retired doctor, Gerald Atlas who developed a product known as the Atlas Cane.

Although Dr. Atlas had a very worthwhile invention, he needed the assistance of the professionals at 6 Ideas to bring this patented invention through the steps that any product needs. It must go from a great idea to a commercially accepted and acceptable product.

Since that time 6 Ideas has helped a broad array of inventors and corporations to bring products to market. 6 Ideas specializes in two distinct areas of distribution,those being catalog sales and television shopping. We pitch your ideas and get your products to market.

We help to bring products to market and put it in the hands of those who want to sell innovative and unique products. Companies like QVC and HSN take our work and bring products to market.

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