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Invest (previously Invest-Zelmer Sp. z a company created by the employees of a state enterprise Zelmer in 1997 who are the holders of 100 % shares until today. In the initial period the enterprise provided the services exclusively for ZELMER Company. In 2000 there was bought out a production line to produce vacuum cleaner paper bags. At this time there was commenced the production of paper bags both for the local as well as foreign market. Numerous agreements were concluded with remarkable, foreign trade companies in the whole country. During the first years of its activity the Invest company was the holder of license agreement with the Zelmer Company to produce vacuum cleaner paper bags. At the same time the company continued its financial policy and concentrated mainly on capital investments.

At present trade and production activities are the basis the partnership operation. They include: the production of paper and synthetic (polypropylene) absorbers for domestic and industrial vacuum cleaners, wholesale and retail of household products and accessories, cleaning services in other economic units and running buffets in the Zelmer Company. 

Our company puts great emphasis on manufactured and sold products and services and cares a lot to be trusted and have good relations with Clients. Sales representatives working for our company reach almost any place to offer our products to fulfill the needs of the most demanding Clients. The existing strategy puts us in the remarkable position in the structure of household industry in the whole country.

We kindly invite you to use the products offered by the INVEST  Company that are to be found only in good shops selling household appliances and accessories or in our dynamically developing online shop.

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