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Why Kanstone?

With more than 18 years of experiences in stone industry, we can assist designers to evaluate, specify and detail natural stone specification. Bringing design to the services of architecture is the challenge of Richfield Building. With the aid of our latest cutting edge technology, the company is able to presents an avant-garde architectural project through an evocative composition with modular stone materials that can be manufactures on a large scale yet can be assembled in different ways to create walls, corners, apertures and architraves.

Our specialization in customized stone project is our commitment to meet designers’ need. we are not only the manufacturer but the partner of the quarrier of the raw materials.

We offer the following services:

﹣ Stone design and sourcing consultation

﹣ Access to all selection colors and types of natural stones

﹣ Samples, mock ups, sealer and impregnator application

﹣ Guide specification and technical information

﹣ Reasonable and budget pricing

﹣ Direct from quarries around the globe

﹣ Hands-on project management supports including site inspections

﹣ In-depth stone matching services including dry lay

﹣ Reliable on-time delivery

﹣ Installation details and recommendation

﹣ Continuous innovative design and engineering

For free samples email or contact 852 28082618

For natural choice on stone flooring and cladding, please send email to us.

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