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Nikai Group


To build a diversified global business that provides reliable products, exceptional service and superior value to our customers.

The Nikai Group is a global conglomerate with business interests in: Electronics & Appliances; Information Technology; General Trading; and Food. Led by the visionary and diplomat-turned entrepreneur Paras Shahdadpuri, the Nikai Group of Companies has grown into an international operation from a humble trading enterprise in a time span of just over decade.

Nikai Electronics is the torchbearer brand of the group that symbolizes excellence at all levels. It stands testimony to the vision of the Chairman who believes that ‘reliability’ is the single most important Value of the brand. It encapsulates all the other core values like quality-commitment, service-integrity, and technological advancement. The unprecedented growth of the brand in an already saturated electronics market can be attributed to its promise of reliability. Today Nikai has established itself as a major brand in the region offering over 400 electronic and household appliances. Thus labeling it as The Total Home Solutions brand. A trusted name in over 60 countries, it is easily one of the fastest growing names in the region.

Manufactured to stringent quality control standards and guided by a philosophy of excellence in quality and service standards, Nikai is known for its superior product. Keeping abreast with the latest advancements in technology, Nikai constantly introduces new products, thus gaining a competitive edge over other players in the category.

The Company's initial foray was into general trading and bulk movement of commodities such as tea, coffee, rice and fertilizers to various destinations across the world. Later Crescent General Trading tied-up with the Indian FMCG giant, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, to stock, market and distribute the vast portfolio of Unilever products in designated countries. The group further diversified its activities into the retail food business with Boston Foods, a franchisee of the second largest American fast food chain – Subway.

The Nikai Group also broadened their horizon with consulting and staffing within the IT industry with TASC. TASC Outsourcing is a global staffing solutions company based in Dubai and Bangalore. The company specializes in outsourcing and staffing services to large companies around the world in various sectors such as banking/finance, call centers, energy, engineering, IT, sales and telecommunications.

TASC's outsourcing division provides a multitude of skilled people resources for short and long term projects, which helps our clients reduce costs. In addition to providing visas, payroll, insurance and other benefits, we can also manage staff on a day to day basis. We offer customized service offerings to meet client needs that help fulfill complex SLA’s where we are measured on metrics such as attrition, training and performance of the outsourced employees.

In the pursuit to perform par excellence, the Group has surged forward, with unflinching commitment to quality and service. The Nikai Group of Companies has today evolved into a diversified business group that has interests spanning the globe.

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