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Welcome to a new and exciting product range from COCOFINITY.

The aim of COCOFINITY LTD is to source and showcase a multiple of best choice products, whilst meeting the needs of personal and business mobile power technology requirements. Specialising in the design and distribution of Consumer Electronic Accessories, such as mobile power technology, compatible with all generations of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, as well as a wide range of the most popular Smartphone, tablet and handheld gaming devices.

COCOFINITY LTD provides power technology, with innovation and practicality in mind, targeting the Promotional Merchandising and Travel industry, and currently trading with Airlines and Promotional Merchandising Companies

We aim to be at the forefront of cutting edge mobile Power design and with discerning techie tastes in mind; and offer a sleek collection of products with the flexibility to brand with any customer logo or marketing requirements.

The business offers a wide range of products that are very difficult to source, such as, sleek universal emergency power charges for Smartphone’s and Tablet devices, Powered Accessories, Magnetic Bluetooth keyboards which are not available as a mix together in another distributor.

We guarantee a fantastic customer experience, including outstanding support, not just at point of sale but throughout the lifespan of each and every product.