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Talk Tech Now is an evolution of a company started in 1993 - originally called Computers and Parts unlimited it eventually became Millennium Technology Ltd. This company became a franchise that expanded into several bay of plenty and waikato areas.

In 2002 all 4 stores were sold and Recycled Technology began by selling recycled systems into the market - in 2007 Recycled Technology Rotorua made the decision to represent both the second hand and new system market - embracing the Millennium brand and its Recycled Brand we choose to take the step and become Talk Tech Now the home of Millennium and Recycled Technology systems.

Malcolm, the manager of Talk Tech Now Ltd Rotorua, has been part of this journey since the early days - now selling and servicing computers in Hamilton and Rotorua for 16 years. With a knowledge in both design and building new systems we aim to offer the best hardware we can at the price you can offered - without sacrificing quality.

In 2008 we found ourselves in a new location - one block from the mall, we offer even more service and solutions than ever. And so we continue our development - now into our 20th year since Gail and Gary Bottomley began what has become a real New Zealand retailing story.

On time rolls and in 2011 we continue to expand with new services available to our clients - including off site back ups, tutoring at your place and a wide range of great laptop and system solutions. Adding to all this we now have Petra as part of our team offering digital graphic repairs, photography and photography advice.

2012 has been a most interesting with the ongoing world wide financial crisis. Like everyone we have seen changes in what we sell, and what people require. We have been approached by Asus and now have become an Asus Partner. Giving better buying power and improved service access your these units.

Now in November 2012 we have began the process to become the Local Lenovo Distributor for Rotorua also.

The year rolls on and new technology with new operating systems are bringing more technology to our doors - roll on 2013.

We continue to grow our customer database and keep a close eye on the changing IT market. Tablets seem to be the big change and I love it...

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