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In the early morning of the summer, the small dew drops on the light misty grass, the pond is full of lotus flowers, and next to the lotus is a large and round lotus leaf. There are a few small dewdrops in the lotus leaf Marlboro Lights, moving the crystal body, one. Two. Ten...ah! Like a starry sky, like a star filled with gems, like millions of twinkling eyes. what! dew! I like you, I praise you, this is the dew and the ordinary dew Wholesale Cigarettes. I really want to let Dew kiss! The coolness of the summer morning is accompanied by the scent of flowers, and the heart is full of joy. At this time, the infinite thoughts and emotions suddenly surged. It is a crystal dew. A touch of faint fragrance, floating from the surrounding flowers and plants, flowing and drunk aroma. There are a few small fish in the pond. In the play, occasionally, the branches of the lotus leaf are slightly shaken, and the small dew is slightly trembled. Too big to reflect the beautiful brilliance, the dew's body is small, and life is short, but it is extraordinary. When the curtain is shrouded, it nourishes the seedlings like a baby with a juice. It is more precious than pearls, more crystal-clear than gems, and more awkward than stars. I praise it, and the dew spirit will always flash in my heart. I have dew-free skin, and I am more descriptive and noble. I use the real drive to drive the darkness to bring you the anxiety, to dissolve the bleakness that the morning wind imposes on you. As long as you never wither, it is my biggest wish. If one day you no longer love the world, it is not just my misfortune, it will be a disaster for the world! Lucy in my heart, you are an angel, meet you, is the will of the emperor, the arrangement of God, I am lucky, I am proud. In this morning, I am intoxicated, so I am looking forward to the morning, I lean down, stare for a long time, gently call you, Lu, hello! Life is very fragile and helpless. If compared with nature, life is really wonderful... I like dew, although it is small, the time of existence is very short, when it rises too much, it disappears without a trace, but In this short period of time, it left the most beautiful side of the world to the world Cheap Cigarettes. I thought, if each can leave the most moving side of the world like this little dewdrop, then the world will How is it getting?
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