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Firstsing Co.,Ltd.
Firstsing 株式会社

FirstSing Co., Ltd, was established in 2000,uphold the middle way and live to death.

After all the hardships, bringing happiness to more than 15,000 distributors worldwide is our greatest happiness.

Centralized Procurement, a stitch in time saves nine. Consumers will receive satisfactory products;

one of the leading consumer electronics suppliers in China.FirstSing is your centralized procurement center,offer consumers around the world the safe and secure localization procurement service. Our main export market is Europe,America,Asia,etc.,we're very experienced in OEM orders.Also ODM orders are welcomed. Our goal is offer quality product at competitive price for our customers and Win-Win finally.

The biggest global agents OEM ODM orders, One of the earliest traders in Shenzhen.

Agents: HobbyTech of France \ Paweł Łukawski of Poland has been cooperating with us for more than ten years, and now the purchasing work of the entire supermarket has also been handed over to us. Distributors need us to unify product quality, payment and after-sales service. The development of new products needs to reduce procurement risks.

Agents: Ivy Technology of Poland/Canada/Brasil/Malaysia...... The annual sales are about 10 million US dollars

Here are the best selling products, Successfully sold worldwide:
May 2003:PS2 8MB,16MB,32MB,64MB,128MB Memory Card

Agents: DDR Game 
December 2004:
2 x Dance Dance Revolution DDR Champion Arcade Metal Dance Pad with Handle Bar for PS2 + Dance Dance Revolution DDR X Dance Game for PS2

Agents: Sunflex Europe GmbH
October 2005: XB3028 Sensational Headset X360

Agents: Infinitec
July 2006: FS10019 15 Pin VGA Male Cable

August 2006:PC034 LCD Game Projector E6

Agents: PC Factory
April 2007: PSX2019 Console Organizer and Travel Case for PS2

Agents: Raiden
July 2008:Memory Card for Wii Console 128MB

Agents: Grom
September 2009: Universal iPod iPhone iPad Dock Converter Cable Adapter 30-Pin Female To Stereo 3.5MM Lead Wire Cord Conversion Successfully sold worldwide

Agents: Pioneer 
February 2010: FS21085 Video&Audio Universal Dock for iPhone 3G&iPods all versions 

Agents: TeleDynamics
June 2011: FS09229 for Apple iPhone 4 Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard case

Agents: SEVA
March 2011: FirstSing FS07012 16GB 10.1 inch Nvida Tegra 2 Android 3.0 Tablet PC Built-in 3G

Agents:Pearl/ Generalkeys
November 2012: World Premiere for iPad Mini Double-dormancy Dual-link Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Keyboard

Agents: Bgears
June 2013:Bgears b-PWM 80mm,90mm,120mm,140mm, 2 Ball Bearing Red LED Fan with High Speed Extreme Airflow

Agents: OD Profile
February 2014: 3 in 1 Travel Charger Kit

Agents: Cyber Gadget
December 2015:Retro Freak

Agents: Bicycle Bike Dynamo Hub USB
August 2016: PowerBUG

Agents: Japan Net TV
May 2017: Android 4K TV Box with iSakuraPro, JapanTV, NewHome and MujiTVApps Installed

Agents: JC Distribuciones
December 2018: Bluetooth Headphones i7s TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Stereo

Agents: Stellapps Technologies Private Limited
June 2019:smartAMCU - Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU)

Agents: Sociedad Comercial Divitec SPA.
July 2020: Adjustable Office Swivel PU Leather Gaming Chair

Agents: Geresa
July 2020: Smart Watch

October 2020: 4G LTE Tablet PC

Agents: Epitiro team
January 2021:Epitiro 3175 Virtual Customer Agent ( ViC)

Agents: VBreathe Pty Ltd
April 2021:7 blades 5V 4pin 50x50x10mm 5010 5 Cm Cooling Fan Radiator 5v 1.50w Pwm

Agents: N.K. Time co., ltd.
April 2021:Smart Watch Full Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof Multiple Dials Heart Rate Bluetooth 4.0 Smartwatch Sport Watch Support Android IOS

Agents: Universal Home Appliances
April 2021:DC 3V 2A/2000mah AC Power Adapter Adaptor Wall Charger Cable Cord Plug

2020 is not easy to "rat", and 2021 "bull" will turn into the world. Shenzhen Guiyuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. merged with Firstsing Co., Ltd. Guiyuan Culture will bring vitality and creativity to Julehui's business. Lehui Commerce will be prosperous and return to the future city of Yuan culture.