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Firstsing Company Limited, established in 2000 ,professional manufacturer for Mobile Phone/MID/TV BOX/Video&PC games accessories such as Qualcomm SM8974/MSM8916/MSM8939/MSM8992/MSM8994/MSM8996,MediaTek MT6253/MT6252/MT6236/MT6250/MT6260/MT6261/MT6571/MT6572/MT6573/MT6575/MT6577/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6795/MT6797VMT6752/MT6735/MT8752/MT8735/MT8163/MT8317/MT8321/MT8382,Spreadtrum SC9832/SC6820/SC6825/SC6531/SC8825/SC7710/SC6821/SC7715/SC6620/SC6610,RDA RDA8851,AUGUSTA 6700,SX83073,Amlogic AML8726MX/S812/M812/S802/M802/S805/M805/S905/S912,Rockchip RK3066/RK3188/RK3368,Intel Core/Xeon/Atom/Pentium/Celeron,Virtual Reality glasses,Power Bank,DVB-T,ATSC,TV BOX (Ali3511),Hard Drive Case,Bluetooth Headphones Headsets,TV BOX,Smart Watch,SmartBand,Microphone System,TV Monitor,Balancing Wheel,E-cigarette,Smart Wristband,Speaker,Bluetooth Hat,Car Monitoring/Mount/Charger/FM Transmitter,LED Lighting,Handheld Stick,Robot,3D Printing Pen,Solar,Smart wifi plugs sockets,Mechanic gaming keyboard SX83073,Mouse(Broadcom,Sonix,Elan,ATC7515),Tablet PC,Projector,Ribbon Cable,Screen Protector,Motherboard Housing Frame,Display Digitizer,And for WII U,Wii,NEW 3DS LL/NEW 3DS/3DS LL/3DS/NDSi LL/NDSi/NDSL/NDS,PSV 2K/PSV/PSP Go/PSP 3000/PSP 2000/PSP 1000,PS4,PS3,PS2,Xbox One,Xbox360, GBA, Game Cube(GC),iPad/iPhone:Silicon Soft Case,Joypads, Controllers, AC adapter,Steering Wheels, Cables, Earphones,Memory Cards etc. Our quality product proliferates the whole world,mainly America, Australia and many of Europe countries.

We commit ourselves to the success of our customers through providing them with the quality products and outstanding services. Our high quality product, competitive prices, on-time delivery and the new trend design guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. With years of experience and firm trust in business,we are sure to be your best partner as long as we go.

Super Market For Global Information, The World's First Multi-language Distribution Store!

FirstSing always focus on the product quality in the past 16 years

The global famouse brands OEM ODM order production factory, free products publishing, friends making, etc.



FirstSing 全球信息超级市场集中了全球所有的国家,所有的城市;


FirStSing 全球信息超级市场集中了全球所有的产品目录.


FirStSing 全球信息超级市场集中了全球所有的信息分类


FirStSing 全球信息超级市场 不分种族、民族、国别、贫富、亲疏 ,对全球所有客人一视同仁。


Global Information Supermarket

Integrated platform collecting commodity trading, commodity discussion, information dissemination transactions, Jobs and Recruitment, leisure and entertainment, international community platform integrating suppliers, distributors, consumers, E-mails, mobile phone text messages, online transactions, cross-border settlement, payment guarantees and other resources available to customers for leisure and trade.

Countries the website opens to:

FirstSing Global Information Supermarket concentrates all countries, all cities in the world.

Product Categories Available of the website:

FirstSing Global Information Supermarket focuses on all product catalogues in the world.

Information Categories Available of the website:

FirstSing Global Information Supermarket groups all information classification in the world.

SNS the website opens to:

FirstSing Global Information Supermarket treats equally to all guests in the world, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, rich or poor, close or distant.

Project Advantages:

I want the presentation of the shop project:


Zero commission, zero annual fee, zero platform fee

The distributor is an independent economic entity, institution or individual offering sales and services at a certain location and in a certain field. According to the needs of local consumers, the distributor acts as agent of one or several products, supplied and distributed uniformly by FirstSing Company with quality guarantee and without worries behind. The distributor can reduce costs, occupy quickly the market and maximize profits. The distributor provides localized services to local consumers.

l  Supply advantages: every product sold online of FirstSing global information supermarket will be uniformly produced by a designated OEM factory.

l  Low prices: the price of every product sold online of FirstSing global information supermarket will be uniformly ex-works prices.

l  Featured products: FirstSing global information supermarket publish every day the latest products for consumers to choose.

l  Quality guaranteed: for every product sold online of FirstSing global information supermarket, the quality will be uniformly verified and  guaranteed by head company.

l  Professional services: FirstSing global information supermarket’s every product sold online will be localized by local distributors. And the distributors will provide the most professional services.

l  Monopoly business: once establish a distributor in one region, head company can not develop other distributors in its agent zone. The distributor possess monopolistic management rights in its distribution zone. The distributors can proceed exclusive monopoly operations online or offline without disturbs. They can develop business in multi-faceted and multi-channels. The same product, only one display page; the same region, only one exclusive distributor.

l  Invest in small, start steadily, achieve quickly: just simply register, the distributor can have his own special shop, thousands of products supply and excellent local shopping district.

l  Multiple incomes: distributors can obtain mall profit incomes, city-wide information incomes, subordinate branch shop self-support products profit incomes.

l  Ad support: head company offers distributors uniform investment ad-support and special ad-support, and create powerful investment platform for distributors to ensure that distributors sit back and enjoy.


Why FirstSing?

A. The strengths of the traditional B2B e-commerce.

1. Huge virtual market: e-commerce mode, through the establishment of virtual business network, connects manufacturers, distributors and consumers from all over the world, links closely the relationships of economic dependence between countries, between enterprises and between entreprises and consumers, constitutes the true sense of the globalized economy.

2. Reduce cost: reduce the cost of information transfer; reduce intermediate links, reduce market access barriers; lower the cost of purchasing and logistics; reduce management costs.

3. Increase efficiency: increase the internal efficiency; enhance the analytical and decision-making capacities; improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain. The procurement of raw materials, production, demand and sales, bank transfer, insurance, cargo shipping and reporting and other processes can be finished without intervention in the shortest time. The improvement of overall efficiency of this channel benefits all the members.

4. Helps to build good customer relations: entreprises can understand and distinguish customers from a variety of angles.

B. The weaknesses of traditional B2B e-commerce

Traditional B2B e-commerce is a battlefield without smoke and the main battlefield of Chinese suppliers.

1. The first problem of B2B is that this type of business will lead to a possible lack of security.

Traditional B2B website company collects membership fees for the purpose and publishes without accurate verification overwhelming false registration informations of members, false company profile, false product informations. These informations, which are rarely examined by a third-party, deceive often the consumers.

The TrustPass can not guarantee every order’s safe operations. (1) it has a simple verification only by identity card or business license. (2) Prices are very attractive, but after payment you may receive wrong goods, less goods even no goods. (3) you’ll never know who you’re transacting with.

2. The second problem of B2B is that this type of business will cause a probable large-scale deletion.

Traditional B2B platform is the platform of the Chinese suppliers PK each other. The customers reduce short-term costs, difficult to obtain long-term profits. "There is no difficult business" becomes "There is no profitable business." For each production value of $ 1, at the same time the United States creates a profit value of $ 9. The value of $ 9 belongs to the foreigners and can not be controlled by Chinese suppliers. Chinese suppliers use the B2B platform in order to compete for the value of $ 1. When manufacture to order, we can not pick the order and we must meet the diversification of the order.

3. The third problem of B2B is that this type of business will result in an eventual lack of continuity.

Traditional B2B platform make the factory can not do their own brands and control the sales channels. Production in China, the sales market is controlled by foreign distributors. It’s difficult to produce a product, and more difficult to do well the sales of the product. Foreign distributors can change anytime the sale products and the mian production. This is always a pain in the hearts of Chinese suppliers.

C. Global Information Supermarket

Quantify the demands of global end-consumers, with globally consistent quality, consistent services, consistent prices,

To provide an overall show for the goods by the system of survival of the fittest

To provide the latest, the most complete, the most authoritative distribution channels for industry information

To supply the distributors a simple, safe, efficient, low-cost, high-yield distribution environment,

To offer a convenient, safe, efficient and fair shopping environment for end-consumers.

1.Centralized purchasing, globally consistent quality.

CE, FC, UL, ROHS and other uniform quality standards are just a quality framework. We should update constantly product quality according to the individual needs of consumers. Each product will be used by each end-user, and this will produce a variety of quality problems. We spent a lot of money to buy the products with the same shape, but from different manufacturers and with different quality standards. FirstSing distributors can only sell the products authenticated by FirstSing platform. Otherwise, if consumers complain, the distributor qualification will be canceled, and the distributor must unconditionally make compensation for the loss of consumers.

FirstSing has more than 15,000 distributors in the world, more than 500,000 registered consumers. Excellent OEM factories have been the cornerstones of FirstSing’s successful development. If 2,000 distributors worldwide order the same product at the same time, the OEM factory will obtain a long-term stable development and our distributors can also get very competitive products.

Innovation is the magic key to success. FirstSing’s worldwide suppliers will publish the freshest products every day.

Production process:

For every product in Global Information Supermarket, every order will be produced regularly in the same OEM factory. The process is: examine and verify OEM factory’s qualificationàtest samplesàestablish production quality standardsàexamine large cargo qualityà   secure paymentàrapid transportàconsumer feedbackà improve the quality for next order.

2. Localized sales, globally consistent service

90% of the world's electronics are manufactured in China, 90% of the sales market of electronic products is in foreign countries. China has the world's largest electronics manufacturing plant. However, the world's largest electronics brand is overseas.

Every production value of $ 1 we create will bring a profit value of $ 9 to the foreign customers. The value of $ 9 belongs to the foreigners and can not be controlled by Chinese suppliers. Chinese suppliers fight for the value of $ 1 with the help of the B2B platform. The final winning conditions are environmental costs and labor costs.

FirstSing Global Information Supermarket groups all countries, all cities, all product catalogs, all information catalogs, all hobbies and interests in the world. Every distributor can create easily his own sales platform via his own background. The concrete process is: Select the location of the source of goodsàregisteràchoose the products suitable for the local consumersàtranslate into local languageàwrite prices and payment methodsà supplied by the head companyàfeedback consumers views to head companyàprovide guaranteed after-sales service for local consumers.

3. Fair trade, globally consistent prices

* Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

Safe and reliable delivery system is more suitable for helping small and medium-sized distributors to grow up rapidly.

* Transparency and accountability

The foreground has transparent transaction management mode and business relationship. It gets along with trading partners with the principles of equality and mutual respect.

* Capacity Building

Centralizing global distributors’ orders, helps factory to develop stably in the long-term and supplies more competitive products for distributors.

* Payment of fair prices

Globally Unified supply prices for the distributors do not fool any consumer.

But retail prices vary in different regions in the world because of the differences in exchange rates, tariffs, shipping cost.

* Everyone is equal

The customer is always right.

Payment Terms: PayPal online payment, Western Union, HSBC Bank T/T. Distributors that meet certain conditions can make payment by account period.

How to operate:

Independent management shop processes:

Register online, and submit qualification documentàselect products to be localized àconsumers buy products and pay to distributorsà distributors pay to head companyà Head company ship goods to distributorsàdistributors ship goods to consumers

1. Create an account, submit qualification document, and pass through the qualification examination

Fill out online company information, create FirstSing distributor account. In registration process, you need to submit a business license copy  or personal ID card copy in the form of electronic version.

Qualification examination will normally be completed within 5 working days after the submission of the document, and you will receive notification about the examination results from FirstSing.

2. Select products to be localized

FirstSing distributors background has thousands of products. Based on individual ability, through distributors platform, you can pick out the products which are suitable for the local market to be localized, including the product description language revision, prices localization, services localization.

3. Consumers buy products and pay to distributors

When the product information localization is completed, your distributor information will be presented to the local consumers through this product. Customers can browse, search and buy your products. Once order comes, you will receive mail notification from FirstSing. You can also check your order information through distributors platform.

4. Distributors pay to head company

Once order comes from the consumer, you need purchase products related from head company and pay to the head company. If you have the products in local stock, you can ship them directly to the consumer.

5. Head company ship goods to distributors

When order come, Head company will concentrate immediately the production according to the distributor’s requirements and ship out timely the goods to the distributor. In accordance with the actual operation situation of orders in manufacturing plant, Head company sometimes can not finish orders with a quantiy less than 1000PCS, and please distributors reserve the order as inventory.

6. Distributors ship goods to consumers

Once receive the goods, the distributor must distribute timely the goods to consumers in accordance with the shipping method required. And the distributors must also do well the after-sales service.

Standard Fees:

Independent management shop costs:

Zero commission, zero annual fee, zero platform fee, the money you earn belongs to you.






FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場には、全世界の国、すべての都市が集中されてます。


FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場には、全世界のすべてのカタログが集中されてます。


FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場には、全世界のすべての情報の分類が集中されてます。


FirStSing 種族、民族、人種、国別貧富、親疎を問わず、世界の全てのお客様に一視同仁にしております。






● 商品の供給源優位:FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場でオンライン販売されている製品は、統一し、指定工場で生産されています。

● 手頃な価格FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場でオンライン販売されている製品の見積は、統一し、工場の生産者価格になっております。

● 特色の製品FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場には、毎日最新製品を更新し、消費者に提供させていただきます。

● 品質保证 FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場でオンライン販売されている製品の質量は、統一し、総公司が検証し、担保しております

● プロのサービス FirStSing 世界の情報を含むスーパー市場でオンライン販売されている製品は、地元代理店を現地化し、最も専門のサービスを提供させていただきます。

● 独占の経営:地域の販売代理店がいったん確立すれば、本部はその代理区域内で他の販売代理店の開発ができません。販売代理店が自分の代理区域内に独占経営権を持っております。流通区域内には、線の下で経営を独占して、妨害されていなくて、多面的で業務を行います。同じ製品は、1つだけの展示ホームページがあります;同区域に、1つだけの独占代理店があります。

● 投資が少なく、スタート安定で、すぐに効き目が出ます: 代理店が簡単に登録するだけで、自分の特色がある店舗を持つことができて、数千万の製品の供給源をもらって、地元で製品を優良できます。

● 多重の収益:代理店がショッピング製品利益収入、同町情報収入、部下支店自営製品利益収入を獲得できます。

● 広告の応援:総公司は販売代理店に統一の招商広告や特別広告代理店をサポートして、強力な投資プラットフォームを作成します。


一:伝統的なB 2 Bの電子ビジネスの利点。





二、伝統的なB 2 Bの電子ビジネスの欠点

伝統的なB 2 Bの電子ビジネスというのは一つの仮想の戦場で、中国のサプライヤーの主戦場でございます。.

1B 2 Bの第一個の問題はこのタイプの商売が安全性欠損することでございます。

伝統的なB 2 Bウェブサイトの会社は会員費用を受け取ることを目的にして、有料会員の情報を確認していなくて、大量の有料会員の虚偽の登録情報、虚偽の会社概要、虚偽の製品情報を掲載しています。第三者の審査がないので、常に消費者がだまされています。


2B 2 B2番目の問題はこのタイプの商売規模性欠損することでございます。

伝統的なB 2 Bプラットフォームは中国のサプライヤーがお互いにPKのプラットフォームでございます。お客様に短期コストを下げて、長期的利益を受けにくいでございます。「天下には、難しい商売がない」は「天下には、金になる商売がない」になってしまいました。私たちが1ドルの利益を作って、同時にアメリカの会社が9ドルの利益を生み出します。この9ドルは外国人の物で、中国のサプライヤーが制御できません。中国のサプライヤーはB 2 Bプラットフォームを利用して、この1ドルの価値を競争します。注文によって、生産しますので、注文を選べなくて、注文の多様化に満足しなければなりません。

3B 2 Bの第3の問題はこのタイプの商売は持続性を欠損することでございます。

伝統的なB 2 Bプラットフォームには、工場が自分のブランドを作らず、販売ルートを制御することができません。中国で生産しているのに、国外からの代理店が販売市場を制御しています。製品の生産は難しいですが、良い製品の販売はもっと難しいです。国外の代理店がいつでも販売している製品を変更したり、生産主体を変更したり、することは中国のサプライヤーの心の痛みです。










Innovation is the magic key to success. FirstSing’s worldwide suppliers will publish the freshest products every day.




世界の90 %の電子製品は中国で製造されているのに、全世界の90 %の電子製品が海外で販売されています。中国には世界最大の電子製品のOEM工場があるのに、世界最大の電子制品のブランドが海外にあります。中国のサプライヤーはB 2 Bプラットフォームを利用して、この1ドルの価値を競争します。最終決勝の条件は環境保護コスト、人力のコストです。









* 公平価格でのお支払い




お支払い方式:PAYPALオンラインお支払い、ウエスタンユニオン、HSBC電信. 特定の条件に合緻する代理店には分割払いができます。