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We are trained professionals in electronics and games console repairs. All Brand NEW Repair Parts used for the game console repairs are Genuine Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo parts. Therefore we can take the guess work out of game console repairs for you. Since we have many years of experience in game console repairs we have the knowledge base to conduct a reliable game cosole repair than you trying your self or getting a non trained person (back yard operation) to do it.
Qualifications and experience backed up by warranty

We undersand that you may be feeling nervouse about getting your valuable game console repaired, and also we understand how valuable your data in your game console is for you (hours of work on the games saved on the HDD). Therefore we will take every step possible to save your data that is saved in your game console.

Who you can trust

We are a Australian registed company ACN 126 979 262 and we have a clean track record of ethical business conduct to ensure you the best service for your game console repair.

We have a exclusive game console repair management system sorting every game console by the unique serial number so there will be no confusion over the ownership.

Can't get better service than this

We now first time in the world provide a game console repair service like this. We have come together with 5 major companies to provide this amazing service to you (DHL, Couriers Please, Australia Post, Messenger post, Australia Air express), where you can book in your game console online or ring 1300885112 and do so over the phone for a repair and with in 5 minutes you will receive two emails and one of them would have a Label attached which you can print it out, put your game console in a small box seal it all up paste the label on top of the box and take it to any Australia Post branch near you, you do not pay any thing just hand it over the counter and as soon as they see the label they know exactly what to do, we take over from there and once the repairs are done we deliver your game console to your door step. When your game console comes to you, you need to sign for it since it comes with $500 worth of insurance included.

Usually it take 2-3 working days to get your game console into our repair centre and as soon as it gets there a technician will test your game console find out exactly what is wrong with your game console and they will contact you on the phone as well as every time they update our Data base regarding your game console you get automated emails every step of the way.

Once the payment is made and confirmed we complete all the repairs usually within 24hours unless we have to wait on parts and dispatch your game console so it makes the way back to you. Once the game console is dispatched you will get two emails one email will give you the repair report and show that your game console has been dispatched and the other will give you Tracking information so you can track your game console all the way to your door step.