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The intel computers limited started in 1998 and registered officially in 2002 ,it's committed to Promoting environmental & technological sustainability, working with communities to address social and economic disadvantage, Implementing & promoting open source software & industry standards.

Intel computers limited main goal is to empower people through technology in order to alleviate inequality. This was underpinned by a belief that individuals should have technological choice, be able to gain IT skills no matter what their income or background and that progress must be balanced by actively minimising environmental damage.

Initially, Intel computers limited core business involved repairing and refurbishing IT equipment and redistributing it to individuals in need. As the organisation expanded, we began to incorporate training into our operations to give unemployed individuals access to skills and we also began providing IT support for organisations.we offered also networking,pc upgrading and many more other services ..

A number of organisations and charities have come to rely on intel computers to expertise for their IT networks. Intel computers has identified a significant need for organisations who feel over-charged and underinformed to have expert advice and charitable equipment, services and support.

In all aspects of operations, Intel computers strives to provide ethical IT Services such as networking ,pc upgrading and many more alternatives which increase access to useful and empowering technology. For this reason we also provide access to open source software and advice.


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