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About Us

L3i Limited (“L3i”) distributes and markets innovative accessories to enhance digital audio, smart phones, gaming consoles and other devices under their GamesPowerand Logic3 brands. The company's objective is to deliver high quality products at competitive prices that are ergonomically designed to advance user experience with harmonious connectivity and inter-action for work and play. L3i aims to continuously study the market demands and ever-changing user requirements, developing new and exciting product lines to meet the high expectations of customers of today, tomorrow and beyond.

L3i has in-depth knowledge and experience in this sector to service interactive smart phone, audio, gaming, entertainment, computing, consumer electronics peripherals, including wireless technologies.

The company has an established dedicated logistics and distribution network worldwide. 


Our Commitment - "We aim to provide every customer with the support they require"

L3i want you to be delighted with every purchase that you make and you to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying our products. We realise that occasionally you may need some additional product support and as part of our aspiration to deliver exceptional customer experience, we have devised this product support section to have you up and running in no time.

Simply navigate through the product categories and find the product that you need support for. Find the answers to frequently asked questions and quickly resolve any issues. Can’t find the answer to your query? Please drop us an email and our support team will give you their undivided attention and answer all your queries promptly.

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