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A Better Life, A Better World

Every moment of every day, people all over the world turn to Panasonic to make their lives simpler, more enjoyable, more productive and more secure. Since our founding almost a century ago, we’ve been committed to improving peoples’ live and making the world a better place–one customer, one business, one technological leap forward at a time.

"Our main purpose is to manufacture superior products for daily use that improve the quality of life for everyone. From this point on, our full powers will be devoted to this mission."

– Konosuke Matsushita
Panasonic Founder

Panasonic is one of the largest product manufacturers in the world, comprised of 473 companies and employing over 260,000 people. We also own one of the world’s largest patent portfolios. And while some may still think of us merely as a consumer electronics company, we are a global provider of comprehensive solutions for businesses as well as consumers — solutions for your home, your work and when you travel. Panasonic Corporation of North America is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, Panasonic has been dedicated to improving people’s lives and making the world a better place. See how our products, technologies and comprehensive solutions are helping to do just that.

Kid Witness News Turns 25!

Come and explore Kid Witness News, a hands-on video education program developed and supported by Panasonic since 1989. The program is structured to develop students’ self-confidence, creativity, communication skills and teamwork through the use of digital video technology.

Comprehensive Solutions for Business

Known the world over for our consumer electronics and lifestyle products, Panasonic is also a global leader in providing solutions for business. In fact, we’re one of the world’s leading providers of infotainment systems for automakers, inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) for airlines, as well as battery and related solutions for the world’s most advanced hybrid and electric vehicles. We’re also a leading provider of ruggedized laptops and tablets.

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