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Xtrfy is a Swedish brand specializing in computer and mobile peripherals.

Our business philosophy is really quite simple. Whether it is mobile accessories or gaming gear, our job is to put world class products on the Nordic market. With great insight into both the industry and consumer demands, we are quick to provide the products you really need.

When it comes to gaming, Xtrfy is a new brand with years of experience. We have been working closely with gamers for the last 10 years, and we know the requests of the gaming community. Influenced by the great gaming culture in South Korea, Xtrfy stands for cutting edge products specifically designed for Nordic players.

At Xtrfy, we are passionate about eSports and we want to see it grow. To bring eSports forward, we believe in supporting the community as a whole and not just the players at the very top. Many teams have the potential to go far, but lack the resources needed to get out and play. We sponsor up-and-coming teams and give them a chance to reach the next level. All for the progress of eSports in general and Nordic gaming in particular.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, we are glad to receive them. You can easily reach us at info@xtrfy.com, Facebook or Twitter.


Corporate information

Xtrfy Gaming AB
Rattgatan 7
261 51 Landskrona

+46 46 273 60 00

info @ xtrfy.com

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