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Omnivoltaic Power Co. Ltd. (Omnivoltaic) is a specialist product provider for Off-Grid Power (OGP) products used by customers worldwide, especially for people who live in under- or un-electrified regions.

Omnivoltaic has a simple mission statement: develop products that would give people anywhere the access to electric power, for basic needs or for lifestyle choices.

Omnivoltaic has a unique set of characteristics that position it well to achieve the stated mission:

  • Executives and consultants with broad experiences in technology, product development and international businesses;
  • In-depth understanding of technical fields related to off-grid power generation and efficient utilization;
  • Deep knowledge of China-based manufacturing and supplier resources;
  • Practical Understanding of the target customer demographics;
  • Strategic investors for long-term success.

Omnivoltaic is an international incorporated in Hong Kong, and has operating offices in Hong Kong, China, Kenya and Papua New Guinea.

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