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About Kayecom

Kayecom creates, manufactures and distributes products designed to make wireless devices safer for everyone.

Our mission is to find cost effective ways to help deal with exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are all around us and come in close contact with our bodies because of the technologies we use every day.

Currently Kayecom distributes SilverShield®.  We manufacture a product line of anti radiation products which are fully tested and offer excellent protection. Available as private label products for any retailer or for bulk distribution without packaging, our products are fully customizable with any logo design.

Wireless technologies have never undergone rigorous testing to determine their safety. What we face is a situation where it is not known what the short and long terms effects are from exposure to electro magnetic frequencies.

There is very strong and compelling evidence which suggests that a precautionary approach should be adopted especially when it comes to holding our phones against our heads or storing them on our bodies.

We believe consumers  should fully understand the risks and benefits of wireless technologies. The manufacturers of wireless products along with the telecoms and governments around the world have a responsibility in all of this that they have so far not addressed.

The current safety codes in both the United States and Canada regarding non ionizing radio frequencies/microwave energy produced by wireless technologies are outdated.  They do not address both the safety concerns and the call to action currently being sounded by the independent scientific communities around the world.

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