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MINISO is a fast fashion designer brand of Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Japanese young designer Miyake Jyunya is founder as well as the chief designer of MINISO, a pioneer in global “Fashion & Casual Superior Products” field.

Miniso advocates the philosophy of a simple, natural and quality life and a brand essence of "returning to nature and restoring product nature". She leads the trend of good products for a quality life in the fashion consumption market. It was introduced by a Chinese consortium in 2013 in Guangzhou and has since begun her expansion in China.

Miniso always respect customers' needs. She is dedicated to providing customers with quality, creative and low price products. They are also simple, natural and fashionable with prices that are between 10-100 yuan. They are very popular among main consumer groups like professionals and fashionable people. Fast fashion is Miniso's theme. We strive to create a new and happy shopping environment. Customers can experience happiness, fashion and a healthy lifestyle.

Miniso always optimizes product structure and pays close attention to product management. We persist in selecting suitable products from all over the world. Over 80% of our products are from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries. While insisting on selling high quality and creative products, Miniso also attaches great importance to customers' shopping experience and provides very good service. Most Miniso stores locate in large shopping centers in busy areas. It is a brand that is close to customers' life and values fashion, price, quality and creativeness.

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