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Firstsing Multimedia HD Portable Android 6.0 Bluetooth RGB Home Cinema Projector Built-in 8000mAh BATTERY

Built-in 8000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 2 hours of playtime and also doubles as power bank for recharging your mobile devices
PublishDate : 2018.07.04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998751  
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Firstsing BATTERY Case iPhone7plus 8plus BATTERY Case 8000mAh Extended BATTERY Backup Case Charger Pack Power Bank for iPhone6 6S plus

An excellent source of portable extra battery power, the Backup Battery Juice Bank Cover for iPhone 7 plus add up to 230% extra power on your battery’s life. Gives you more power to make it Possibl...
PublishDate : 2018.06.12   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998704  
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Firstsing 3000 mAh Power Case External BATTERY Backup Power Case Charger Cover Pack Power Bank Fits For Apple iPhone 7 4.7 BATTERY Caseer

The iphone 7 8 battery charger case was well-make batter hard case with 360 degree protective bumper design protect your phone from scratches or other daily wear and tear. The batteries use Grade A...
PublishDate : 2018.06.12   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998703  
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Firstsing 1810mAh Li-ion BATTERY Replacement With Flex Cable Assembly for iPhone 6

Compatible Model: ONLY for Apple iPhone 6 4.7"
PublishDate : 2018.05.26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998689  
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Firstsing 2915mAh Li-ion BATTERY Replacement With Flex Cable Assembly for iPhone 6 Plus

Repair damaged battery & non-chargable battery
PublishDate : 2018.05.26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998688  
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Firstsing 3000VA Standby UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply with LCD display for PC

Low voltage & overload & short circuit protection
PublishDate : 2018.05.22   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998678  
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Firstsing 2000VA Standby UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply for PC

The 2000VA Standby UPS series are Ideal for PCs, Workstations and POS systems. Not only do they protect against blackouts, sags and surges UPS ensure that only clean and safe currents reach your eq...
PublishDate : 2018.05.21   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998677  
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Firstsing 1000VA Standby UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply with LCD display for PC

This series is specifically designed for PC, small workstations, small communication equipment users and pure plastic case design, small volume, fashion aesthetic appearance, easy to operate
PublishDate : 2018.05.19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998676  
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Firstsing 800VA Standby UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply for PC

Applicable to enterprises and institutions, government, transportation, national defense, scientific research, information and education industries PC, POS, communication equipment and industrial c...
PublishDate : 2018.05.15   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998674  
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Firstsing Fast Qi Wireless Portable Charger Power Bank 10000mAh External BATTERY for Smart Phone

The Qi wireless ecosystem includes wireless charging stand and pad,power bank,car charging stand,Mag-wireless solution for all charging needs while on-the-go,in the car,at home/office
PublishDate : 2018.05.02   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998654  
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Firstsing BOOMBOX Bluetooth Portable Speaker with 4400mAh BATTERY power bank Waterproof

Use the massive 4400mAh battery and dual charge out to charge your external devices anytime and keep music rocking
PublishDate : 2018.01.25   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998527  
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Firstsing 3G Smartphone Android 7.0 5.0 inch MTK6580A Quad Core 2000mAh BATTERY BT FM WiFi GPS

This phone has a Slim and attractive, mtk6580a: Quad Core CPU, CPU Speed: 1.25GHz, Storage:1GB + 8GB external Memory: Max 64GB
PublishDate : 2017.12.19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998463  
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Firstsing Portable External BATTERY Stand Holder Backup Case Charger Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

Portable battery case specifically for Nintendo Switch with 5000 mAh capacity. Powered using a lithium-ion polymer battery for reducing weight and increasing safety. Over temperature protection. Sh...
PublishDate : 2017.09.22   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998410  
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Firstsing 1 Pair External AA BATTERY Backup Power Pack adapter for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

This is an power bank adapter for Nintendo Switch JoyCon, use 2 AA battery as external power for your Nintendo Switch JoyCon, can greatly increase the working time of your NS Joy Con
PublishDate : 2017.08.11   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998353  
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Firstsing Outdoors Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 2500mah BATTERY

Outdoors Portable Bluetooth Speaker is build in 2500mAH battery, it is charged by USB cable.The Outdoors Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 2500mah battery with Bluetooth and FM Radio function and s...
PublishDate : 2017.07.20   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998294  
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Firstsing Mini TWS Stereo True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones DSP Noise Reduction Headset with BATTERY charging box

With the unique dual-earbud conductive portable charging system available only with Bit Charge Bluetooth earbuds, you'll never run out of batteries. Not only can you recharge your earbuds multiple ...
PublishDate : 2017.07.04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS998210  
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Firstsing 75W temperature control e-cigarette box mod vapor work with 18650 BATTERY

Power on and off: Install a high-rate 18650 battery; press fire button 5 times continuously to turn on/off the device
PublishDate : 2017.04.03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997964  
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Firstsing Tank kit 3ml tank changeable coil with 650mah BATTERY Starter Kit

It is easy to refill and clean with clearomizer tank system.Could add liquid only, dry tobacoo can't usd in the pen
PublishDate : 2017.04.03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997962  
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Firstsing 510 thread 60 watt box mod big BATTERY mod e-cigarette

Variable wattage from 7-60w, mini Smart temp control box mod design,Support single 18650 changeable battery
PublishDate : 2017.04.03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997960  
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Firstsing Mega Power Rechargeable 23W e-cigarette Twist BATTERY

Less harmful substances and carcinogens.No need to be ignited and no harmful chemical substances
PublishDate : 2017.04.03   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997959  
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Firstsing 60W e-cigarette watt box mod with 4400mah BATTERY

Easy to use with 3 buttons for total, precise and comfortable control,with OLED screen shows wattage, voltage, resistance
PublishDate : 2017.03.30   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997954  
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Firstsing e-cigarette watt box mod BATTERY defender e-cigarette with screen digital display

box mod battery with OLED screen shows wattage, voltage, resistance
PublishDate : 2017.03.30   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997953  
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Firstsing 23W 2200mAh BATTERY e-cigarette Vaporizer with OLED screen

Switch the VV/VW mode,Press the square button for three times to switch the VV/VW modewhen the battery is on. In VV mode, valtage is adjustable between 3.0V-7.6V, and in VW mode, output wattage is ...
PublishDate : 2017.03.30   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997949  
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Firstsing 1960mAh Li-ion BATTERY Replacement With Flex Cable Assembly for iPhone 7

1960mAh 3.8V Li-ion Replacement Internal Battery for iPhone 7 4.7" Only (Not for iPhone 7 Plus or 6S )
PublishDate : 2017.03.21   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997905  
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Mini Pocket RK3188 Projector Portable Multimedia Desktop Proyector 2500mAh BATTERY DLP Projector for iPhone Android Mobile

* Ultrathin Portable * Android4.2 OS Embedded * Quad Core CPU, 1G RAM, 4G Internal Memory
PublishDate : 2017.02.25   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997809  
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Portable USB Cell phone solar BATTERY charger

With 3 leds high power,mini keychain portable design for easily taking. With high efficiency charging, only required 30 mins, it can offer around 50 to 70 mins talking time
PublishDate : 2017.01.06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997693  
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16000mAh Capacity Power Station BATTERY Adapter

The comes equipped with a 3A output port that This port is designed to fast-charge larger capacity devices such as tablets and laptops
PublishDate : 2017.01.06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997689  
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2.4 inch SC6531DA Dual band 1700mAh BATTERY GSM Mobile Phone

FM radio for your amusement on those long trips and an integrated camera to snap pictures of every moment
PublishDate : 2017.01.04   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997680  
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5000mAh USB Type-c Quick Charge Power Bank External BATTERY Portable Charger

Slim and portable, ideal for festivals or short camping trips, this accessory enables you to charge your phone or other compatible gadgets even if there are no electricity points nearby
PublishDate : 2016.12.30   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS997668  
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