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Everyone has heard this song. As the name suggests, mother is the most loved person in the world, please cherish this hard-won love.any years ago, in the Longyan area of ??Fujian, a mother who lost her husband, who was trained to become a student of Tsinghua University by selling blood, went away. Her mother sold all the valuable things in her family. She bought one to go to Beijing. Train ticket, she is going to give her son a living allowance, can't afford a sleeper, a hard seat, a poor mother in a mountain, holding a parcel in the corner of the train, and spent two days and two nights in Beijing. City, who will take a single woman in a mountainous area, who will pity such an uncultured woman, mother can not find a job, in desperation, my mother made the final choice, since then in the streets of Beijing Next to the trash can there was a smashed woman. When someone ran with the garbage, the mother rushed up and rushed there, she exchanged the little money, she wrote to her son. The letter tells him, son, reading is very important, don't be reluctant to spend money, my mother will send you a living expenses, the child does not know how the money mother earned.r he arrived at the school, he didn't have to study hard. He started to fall in love. When he went to the coffee shop with his female classmates, he would have to spend more than 30 pieces. He knows that these 30 pieces are his mother's fight for a week, sometimes Can't make it. On this day, he led his girlfriend to Wangfujing to play back. He saw a street garbage bin surrounded by many people. He also squeezed into the front. It turned out that a smashed woman had heatstroke and fainted. There, when he squeezed to the front, he was shocked. God, it was his mother. He suddenly knew where his mother��s money came from. This poor child, because he has his female classmates, dare not dare. In the past Marlboro Lights, I called a mother. He was afraid of shame, so he bit his teeth and walked away. In the middle of the night, he returned alone here Cigarettes For Sale, and this time he went back to the trash can, did no years have passed Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He graduated from university and studied in graduate school. He was admitted to a doctoral degree. In that year, when Tsinghua University issued a bachelor's degree certificate, when the principal read the name of the child, people did not see him. People saw the last person wearing a doctoral costume at the gate of the venue, holding a unkempt woman and walking into the venue. When the security guard stopped, the child pushed the security guard to the side Cigarettes Online. Don��t touch her, this is me. Mother, the child put the mother on the front desk, he slammed on the stage and said to all the people in the audience, the principal, the teacher, the classmates, this is my mother. It has been such a mountain from Fujian in the past seven years Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Mother, a Tsinghua doctor, was raised next to the trash can in Beijing
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In the past six years, I turned around and recalled the moments in the photos. No one was in the mood. That is the joys and sorrows Cigarettes Cheaper, maybe just in the class: "Are you going out to play??" The sentence was solved.ou stay in the past six years, will there be a hint of coolness? ? Those times are light and beautiful, why not imprinted in the depths of memory? ? way, no matter how we cried, laughed, sad, the teacher accompanied us to do this. Also noticed that the teacher called you to the office to talk about the contradiction between the students? ? Have you ever noticed that the teacher had a great expectation for you? Something to hear others chilling, will you silently wipe the tears? Time has dried up the test papers full of handwriting, but has not dried up those simple memories.the first grade, I wanted a small sprout that had just sprouted Cigarette Online, and I was able to absorb the knowledge of the rain. I talked happily with the new friends How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Under the guidance of the teacher, we walked on the "beach".ime passed, the joys and distress of the past gradually faded away. At this time, a kind of emotion was faint and long, and he was nostalgic.nia blossoms, one year with one year, youth and friendship. Thousands of mountains and waters, once with one degree, friendship and dreams flying in youth, let the time flow, and write down the annual ring. Time flies, a blink of an eye, I have grown from a ignorant first-grade elementary school student who has not changed her teeth to a graduating student, looking back at the steps that I have walked through, and I have a taste in my heart. She, an ordinary girl, has no eye-catching places, but she has a gold heart Marlboro Cigarettes Online, sparkling, he is always so helpful, caring for classmates, she is my same table - Li Xiaoyan. the second day of the semester, the teacher asked me to sit at the same table with her Parliament Cigarettes. At first I didn't care, a yellow-haired girl, how can it compare to my manly man. next day, when I was in school in the afternoon, I accidentally lost my language documents because I was playing on the playground. I am anxious like an ant on aarly in class, I stood at the desk and stared at the blackboard. At this time, what seemed to be found at the same table, reached out to the hand of friendship, and asked with concern: "What is it?" Let's talk about it? A hard man, shame! Don't you talk about it? Also bored in my heart. Count it! When she is a member of the brigade, she should report her thoughts: "Nothing, the language documents are lost!" "Nothing?" The other side showed a surprised look. Then she picked up the textbook and put it down again and again. The ghost knows what medicine to sell in the gourd. She hesitated for a while and handed the book to me: "The book is for you. You can't talk about it in the future." What, give it to me? I can't believe my ears. I can't afford to say this when I used to look down on the yellow-haired girl. "What...what, give me, what can you" I squeezed a few words in a long time. "It doesn't matter, I have a way. "What do you do today?" "" Then look at it. "So we both started to ishing the last lesson, I stuffed the book quietly into her schoolbag. However, after returning home, I opened the y the next day, and she was reading an old book. After class, I opened the old book and saw that the cover had been out what she was copying on the table. Strange, no homework in the morning? She is doing a good job. I walked over, yeah! She is copying two texts that have been dropped there. When she read the book, she copied it on the white paper of the size of the page. The words that came into my ear were the words of "shasha". The words that appeared in front of me were neat and clear lines. When she w
profile.postedon: 17 days ago