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Picture of Firstsing ATX Aluminum Transparent Tempered Glass with USB 3.0  Gaming Computer Case

Firstsing ATX Aluminum Transparent Tempered Glass with USB 3.0 Gaming Computer Case

SKU: FS998588
In terms of design, this chassis is no longer to reduce the functionality of the product for the sake of product aesthetics, through the addition of a large area of the top cooling holes to provide a more reasonable cooling system for the chassis, the use of industrial design aesthetic optimization to solve the cooling hole brought about by Aesthetic destruction. Whether it is high-end graphics cards, CPU support or independent cooling channels for various hardware, the chassis has brought us more reasonable optimization solutions. With the addition of new elements, the all-tempered glass used in the automotive industry has brought about a better experience in hardware display and noise isolation.
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Firstsing ATX Aluminum Transparent Tempered Glass with USB 3.0  Gaming Computer Case

Hardware material: box: all aluminum magnesium alloy with thickness of 2.0MM, internal hardware structure: 1.0MMSGCC steel plate + blackened coating treatment, side plate: 5.0MM full tempered glass
Motherboard support types: ITX, M-ATX, ATX
Cooling System: Top: 2*120MM fan (standard); Rear: 1*120MM fan (standard); Bottom: 2*120MM fan (non-standard)
Water-cooled support: The bottom can be fitted with 240-body water-cooled (cold-row length 278mm), the cold row is fixed at the bottom with 4 holes, the material package has a matching hand screw to screw the cold row from the bottom; the top 2 12CM fan position The 240 cold rows can be removed and installed; the rear window can be equipped with 120 split bodies and one water cooling row.
CPU heat sink support height: 162MM
Graphics card support length: 310MM
Front interface: USB3.0*2, USB2.0*2, Headphone*1, Microphone*1
Supports PCI expansion slots: 7
Power support: standard ATX PSII PSU (generally called large power, non-standard, length does not exceed 190MM)