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Image de Dual USB US Regulatory Flat Plug Combo Car Travel Charger

Dual USB US Regulatory Flat Plug Combo Car Travel Charger

SKU: FS997323
Dual USB US Regulatory Flat Plug Combo Car Travel Charger
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  • AC Input Voltage:                           100~240VAC                

  • AC Input Current:                             0.5A

  • AC Input Frequency:                        50~60Hz

  • DC Input Voltage:                            10~24VDC

  • Output Voltage:                               5VDC

  • Output Current:                                1.2A MAX

  • Load Regulation:                              +/-5%

  • Operating Temperature:                    0-40

  • Protection:                                      Short,OVP,OCP

  • Certication:                                      CE,UL & RoHS

  • Weight:                                           120g

  • Dimension:                                       107.8*42*36mm

  • Unit Color:                                        Black or white

  • AC & CLA Input:                               Foldable type

  • Output Port:                                     USB in