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Image de The 3600 lumens 1080P DMD chip Home theater laser TV projector

The 3600 lumens 1080P DMD chip Home theater laser TV projector

SKU: FS997189
The 3600 lumens 1080P DMD chip Home theater laser TV projector
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Ultra-short focus lens design
Using precision ultra-short focus lens, throw ratio of just 0.25 : 1 , cast 100 -inch big screen requires only 0.6 meters projection distance ( projector screen to the end , including the projector body ) . Erection requires installation of projection distance is shorter , can be placed in the TV cabinet , even if you are a "dwelling" and to be at home to achieve cinema -like giant screen and enjoy !
Perfect support Full 3D 1080P display format
HDMI1.4a perfect support for the latest Blu-ray 3D format, with 3D Blu-ray machine , XBOX360, PS3 players and other sources , to wear 3D shutter glasses to enjoy 3D large screen high-definition , immersive experience shock ! Optoma Blue Ray 3D system , full support for 3D MVC video encoding technology , can fully play Blue Ray 3D movie ; EH319UST using the new 144Hz, reduce fatigue watch 3D videos .
Interface particular setting RF VESA port can sync signal RF 3D glasses.

 The new HSG color trimming system
You can adapt the red / green / blue / magenta / cyan / yellow hue and saturation, gain, and white RGB ratio , to meet customer needs for different colors .
Hue: Hue ; Saturation: Saturation ; Gain: Gain
 Gamma curve adjustment
Gamma is to determine changes in brightness of the brightest and darkest picture between the two ends , by the tone of this
Whole , the user can enhance the three-dimensional picture , and part of the solution color is not natural question .
Built four new Gamma curve mode : movies, images , standards, blackboard

A new generation of Dynamic Black wisdom dynamic aperture
In the absence of noise and linear operation , automatically in accordance with the light and dark movie scenes , automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness of the screen so that the screen image is more clear hierarchy , delicate. Dynamic Black technology can not only show more picture detail , enhance the image contrast , and can effectively reduces the lamp power consumption and extend the lamp life.
3600 lumens high brightness performance
EH319UST ultra-short focus projector , a new generation of DLPTM technology , equipped with 0.65 "1080p DMD chip , Philips 260W can replace the lamp , 3600 lumens output , with RGBCYW highlight color wheel , the living room is the theater ! Full 3D format support , combined with precision ultra-short focus lens , relaxed short distance large screen display !

Rich and practical interface design
Having HDMI (V1.4), VGA, Composite and other common signal input interface, to meet the needs of different connecting video equipment;
Group 1 Mini-Jack stereo input interface and two sets of RCA (R / L) stereo input interface, different sources of sound through different audio input interface connected simultaneously, with 16W internal speakers to switch to the source while audio is automatically switched
With a Mini-Jack stereo input and output interface and MIC In the interface, RJ-45 interfaces and RS232 (9 pin) connector for remote management and centralized control.
12V voltage output interface, control other peripheral devices can be synchronized electric curtain etc.
Dust-proof design
Built-in dust filter, effectively prevent dust from entering the projector smoke, increase the life of the projector, so the projector can also be long-term use in dusty harsh environments
Embedded filter design side, replace the cleaning without removing the projector does not require professionals also easily complete the cleaning work of the filter
Having a clean filter replacement reminder function automatically records the filter usage time to remind customers to replace the filter clean to prevent the accumulation of excessive dust filters affect the use of the projector

Built-in 16W speaker
Body light and compact, weighing only 5kg, and built-in 16W speaker, do not take the sound, but has a small body greatly explosive.
Color temperature adjustment function
It has 3 preset color temperatures, allowing users to adjust individual preferences screen in accordance with the well-being;
In addition to the preset color
Temperature, but also provides professional independent RGB Gain / Green Gain / Blue Gain fine-tuning