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Samsung Galaxy S7 to ape Apple’s Force Touch display

mercredi 16 décembre 2015 Commentaires: 4 Taille de la police:TTT


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Apple ought to be very flattered, then, that Samsung has apparently decided to go with a pressure-sensitive touchscreen in the upcoming Galaxy S7.

Force Touch was one of the biggest additions to the iPhone 6S. Clearly some Android OEMs feel like they have to be able to say “we can do that, too!” to potential customers. Samsung won’t be the first to offer a Force Touch-like display on an Android phone, however. Huawei has already beaten them to the punch with the recently-launched Mate S.

Some Galaxy S7 variants may not ship with the pressure-sensitive touchscreen. It could be something that Samsung offers exclusively in the higher-end Edge, though we won’t know for sure what Samsung has in store for the S7 line-up until it launches this spring.


That will likely happen some time around Mobile World Congress (which takes place February 22-25) like the S6 launch. The Wall Street Journal seems confident in their sources, though, and other information they received lines up with reports we’ve seen on the Galaxy S7.

They confirmed that Samsung will indeed offer expandable storage via a micro SD slot once again, at least on certain models. The S7 Edge’s curved display will probably limit it to whatever NAND Samsung crams inside. The S7 will also feature an improved camera, and one that doesn’t add an unsightly bump to the back of the phone.

Samsung will fit the Galaxy S7 with a USB Type-C port for blazing fast charging and data transfer… all without having to worry about which way you plug the connector in. Despite all the planned tweaks we’re hearing about, Samsung is said to be pushing for a lower price point in an effort to boost sales. A much-improved Galaxy S7 at a more aggressive price? Sounds like a winner to us.

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